12 Affordable Countries for Indian Travelers

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Indians, more than ever today, are traveling abroad for the holidays. From 2006 to 2015, there was a 218% rise in the number of international vacations taken. In 2018, the average number of personal loans taken grew by 19%, a significant portion of which were foreign travel loans. Here are 10 affordable holiday destinations for Indian travelers.


affordable holiday destinations


Source: the Times of India


Thailand is a fan-favorite for a budget-friendly vacation. With its turquoise waters, delicious food, rejuvenating spas, and rich culture, Thailand offers a bang for its buck. From snorkeling in Phuket Islands to street shopping in Bangkok, Thailand has enough cultural diversity to keep you engrossed.


Cambodia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, not just for backpackers, but also for those who prefer luxury-living. Affordable accommodations are conveniently available near Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s most popular heritage site, with over 1000 temples scattered across rice fields. In addition to its cultural heritage, Cambodia offers the stunning beaches of the Southern Islands, and atmospheric towns of Kampot Province.


Hungary is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Europe. It is known for its indulgent cakes, thermal spas, and countryside retreats. One can explore Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with a modest Rs. 85 for a train ticket. Gulyás and Paprikás- famous Hungarian street food- can be enjoyed at Rs. 200 per person. Rooms can be booked at Rs. 850 a night!


Vietnam is a Southeast travel destination worth exploring for its quintessential landscapes, diverse culture, historical background. Transport across Vietnam is relatively cheap. Most cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi use low-priced scooters as their rickshaws. Hanoi is known for its Old Quarter which retains a French post-colonial charm and also makes for some great shopping, provided you bargain. Rural Vietnam offers the lush greenery and rice terraces of Da Lat.


Visiting the land of pyramids is bound to be memorable, but it is also economical. When in Egypt, make a trip to pyramid Giza, shop at local markets, or enjoy the tranquility of Arabian deserts. Daily expenses in Egypt are within the modest rage of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500, making for a budget-friendly vacation.


Enter the world of mountains and monasteries with Bhutan. A Buddhist kingdom known to measure growth through the level of happiness among locals, Bhutan is also unsurprisingly inexpensive. One can enjoy the snow from the eastern Himalayas, authentic dumplings, and panoramic views of hills without draining her wallet.


Fuming volcanoes, water buffaloes, and tropical islands define what it’s like to visit the Philippines. The Philippines is for money-conscious travelers suffering from wanderlust. Flight tickets for a round trip start at the low price of Rs. 24,000. For a relaxing evening, you can pitch a tent and spend a night on the Palawan coastline. For more adventurous tourists, ziplining, kayaking, and mountain biking are popular in Boracay.

Sri Lanka

Looking for a budget-friendly vacation? Sri Lanka will serve you well. Daily expenses for tourists in Sri Lanka are anywhere between Rs 1500 to 2000. With its mesmerizing beaches, mouth-watering seafood, and abundant heritage, Sri Lanka submerges you in a different culture just a few kilometers away from your own home country.


Turkey has an Eastern charm, with a rich historical background. With stunning mosques and palaces, aged cities, and tasty food, Turkey is a beautiful yet affordable holiday destination. Round Trip flights to Turkey cost Rs. 25,000 with daily expenses at a minimal Rs. 2500.


Qatar has a lasting impact on its visitors with its enchanting skylines, holy places, sand dunes, and ancient art. It offers great museums for art and history lovers. Qatar also offers thrill-seekers a trip around deserts to go dune-bashing. Daily costs typically do not exceed Rs. 4000, making it an affordable holiday destination.


Singapore is striking to look at with its lush greenery, and skyscrapers. Hawkers, exotic food festivals, great hygiene, and safety are expected when traveling to Singapore. Singaporean street food may not be vegetarian-friendly, but it is wallet-friendly. Daily costs fall within the range of Rs. 6,000 Rs. 7,500.


Located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, Georgia is known for its cobblestone pavements, modern architecture, and winding maze-like streets. Flight tickets to Georgia start at Rs. 20,000 while daily expenses cap at Rs. 2000. Georgia offers a budget-friendly vacation for those who want to immerse themselves in European culture.

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