Best Fast Charging Phones Under 15,000

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Research has led to numerous breakthroughs in mobile technology and has made possible the release of many great devices with amazing features. Nonetheless, good devices consume a lot of energy and, hence, one such amazing feature released with mobile phones of late is fast charging technology. This article talks about the latest mobile phones under Rs15,000 with fast charging technology; but before we look at the best fast charging phones under Rs15,000, let us understand what fast charging technology is all about and what it offers.

A glimpse at fast charging technology

The unrelenting pace and discord in the modern lifestyle has resulted in a huge demand for fast charging mobiles or quick charging mobiles. Between our oh-so-busy schedules, sometimes we forget to put our phones on charge and the battery dies out. This is where fast charging mobile phones come in.

This technology allows smartphones to power up to nearly half the battery capacity, at least, within 30 minutes. There are even premium devices that claim of taking only 30-50 minutes to fully charge a dead battery.

Fast charging works on the concept of increased electricity delivery. Each manufacturer uses a different method, i.e. they either boost up the amps or increase the voltage of the charger, and all fast charging standards vary.

Features of fast charging mobiles

The most important benefit of a fast charging mobile is its ability to store power up to 50% of the battery capacity in minimum time. This saves time when you have to quickly charge your phone in dire circumstances.

Various types of fast charging versions

  • Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging

Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Chargers are known for their quality and are high in demand. Moreover, its compatibility with most fast charging-enabled USB cables is an even better feature. It charges phones up to 50% in 40 minutes.

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge

Quick Charge, made by Qualcomm, is the most popular fast charging technology since the company designs system chipsets for most mobile manufacturers. It charges phones up to 50% in 15 minutes.

  • Wireless Fast Charging

Introduced by Apple, wireless charging technology is unique because the hardware, i.e. the charging pad, the wall adapter, and the phone, all have to be compatible. The time taken to charge devices varies with manufacturers.

  • OPPO Super VOOC Flash Charge

OPPO’s VOOC (Voice Open Loop Multistep Constant-Current Charging) Flash Charging system boasts of a thermal management chip that regulates overheating during charging. It charges phones up to 75% in 30 minutes, placing the OPPO smartphones which use this technology, among the fastest charging phones in the market.

  • Motorola Turbocharging

Latest Motorola smartphones support turbocharging which charges the phone just as quickly as the Samsung Adaptive charging technology.

  • OnePlus Dash Charging

OnePlus Dash charge is similar to OPPO’s VOOC. It charges phones up to 60% in 30 minutes. It can be found across all OnePlus devices.

  • MediaTek Pump Express

MediaTek is another system chipset manufacturer that has come out with its own fast charging technology named Pump Express. Available only on specific chipsets, it charges phones up to 75% in 30 minutes, thus placing the devices using them among the fastest charging phones in the market.

List of mobile phones under Rs15,000 with fast charging technology

Today, technology has made it affordable for us to purchase a fast charging mobile under Rs15,000. Due to this, many manufacturers now offer budget phones with fast charging under Rs15,000. However, since there is also cutthroat competition in the market, it becomes difficult to identify the best fast charging mobile under Rs15000.

To aid you on your quest of finding a fast charging phone under Rs.15000, we have compiled a list of all manufacturers that provide quick charging mobiles under Rs.15000.

Continue reading to find out more.

Fast charging mobiles under Rs15000

Device Name Price
Xiaomi Mi A3 Rs12,000+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S Rs8,000
Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro Rs10,000+
Samsung Galaxy A30s Rs14,000+
Samsung Galaxy M30 Rs11,000+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Rs9,000+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Rs9,000+
Vivo U20 Rs10,000+
Samsung Galaxy A30 Rs13,000+
Lenovo K10 Note Rs8,000+
Samsung Galaxy M30s Rs13,000+
OPPO A5 2020 Rs11,000+
Motorola Moto G7 Rs8,000+
Samsung Galaxy M10s Rs8,000+
Motorola Moto G8 Plus Rs13,000+
Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition Rs14,000+
Xiaomi Poco F1 Rs14,000+
Vivo U10 Rs8,000+
Xiaomi Mi A2 Rs8,000+
Vivo V9 Pro Rs14,000+


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get fast charging mobile under 15,000?

If you are looking for a quick charging mobile under Rs15000, then you have come to the right place. The above list contains the names and prices of all fast charging phones under Rs15000. You can refer to this list to find your device and check its availability on the EMI store should you like it.

Which is the best fast charging mobile under Rs15,000?

The above list of fast charging phones under Rs15000 has been constructed based on the benchmark scores each smartphone received on a popular reviewer website. Going by the list, the top 5 fast charging mobiles under Rs15000 would be the Xiaomi Mi A3, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S, Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro, Samsung Galaxy A30s, and the Samsung Galaxy M30. Since there are multiple options when it comes to fast charging mobiles under 15000, you can conduct your research and buy one that suits you best.

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