Can I Trust Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans? Do They Have Hidden Charges?

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There was a time when availing loans was only considered a matter of necessity. However, with rising incomes as well as the sheer convenience of the loan application process, Indians are availing more loans than ever before. According to a recent study conducted by Home Credit India, more than 67 percent of Indians are interested in availing loans at some point in their lives.

Out of these, personal loans appear to be a common favourite. This is also supported by data from the Reserve Bank of India that shows how unsecured personal loans have gained enormous traction within the past few years [2]. This popularity has made availing personal loans easier than ever. The Bajaj Finserv personal loans at Bajaj Markets, in particular, is a popular option that offers the benefit of instant approval and disbursal within 24 hours.

However, despite its popularity, it is natural for new lenders to wonder if they can indeed place their faith in Bajaj Finserv personal loans. So, let us take a thorough look at the Bajaj Finserv personal loans and determine its credibility:

Why should I trust Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans?

One of the greatest marks of reliability for a product is the faith that other customers place in it. Bajaj Finserv personal loans are offered on Bajaj Markets, India’s leading online financial supermarket where customers can avail a variety of the most trusted financial products in the market.

Which is why the platform has been chosen by more than 100 million customers across India to help them meet their financial goals. Therefore, by availing the Bajaj Finance personal loan available on Bajaj Markets, you can rest assured that you are in good company.

Moreover, the entire loan application process is a 100% secure and transparent and guarantees that your private information remains protected at all times. There is also zero third-party involvement anywhere during the loan process and you are free to access your loan anywhere and anytime.

What about hidden charges?

When availing personal loans, it is understandable to be concerned about hidden charges. Unfortunately, it is often the case that potential lenders are made aware of the basic loan interest rate but not of the various other fees that come with it. For customers of the Bajaj Finance personal loans, however, this is never a concern.

All Bajaj Finserv personal loan interest rates as well as related fees and charges are always stated upfront. This guarantees that you will never be surprised with any hidden charges before, during or after availing your choice of personal loan.

The Bajaj Finserv personal loan at Bajaj Markets comes in the form of two types of plans. The first type of personal loan is the Term Loan and the interest rate for this plan starts from 12.99% per annum. The processing fees as well as all associated charges for this type of personal loan are stated as follows:


bajaj finserv personal loan


Source: Bajaj Markets

The Hybrid Flexi personal loan that offers lenders certain additional, flexible features. These include interest only EMIs during the initial period, flexible EMI repayments, as well as no limit or charge on the number of pre-payments and withdrawals. The personal loan interest rate for the Hybrid Flexi personal loan also starts at 12.99%. However, it differs slightly in the type and amount of fees that are charged with it, as stated below:


bajaj finserv personal loan


Source: Bajaj Markets

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What other benefits do they offer?

Apart from its transparency, reliability and no hidden charges, Bajaj Finance personal loans also have these incredible benefits:

  • Loans for every need

It is unwise to have a one-size fits all approach when it comes to personal loans. After all, some seek personal loans for education, some for weddings, while others simply seek a loan to purchase a new car. That is why Bajaj Finserv personal loans on Bajaj Markets come customized to suit the needs of every customer.

  • Instant Approval

Bajaj Finserv personal loans are some of the simplest and most convenient personal loans in the markets. Due to the convenience of the Bajaj Markets platform, they only require minimal paperwork and an easy online application process to get approved. You can get loan approval in flat three minutes and receive the loan amount in just under 24 hours.

Bajaj Finance personal loans at Bajaj Markets promise to be the perfect answer to your financial needs. With tenure options ranging from 12 to 60 months, and competitive interest rates starting from 12.99%, they are truly the most versatile and beneficial personal loans in the market.

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