Rewards Program on Finserv MARKETS App

Posted in Emi card By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 6,2019
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Are you a chrysophilist? If so, have you ever imagined the idea of buying gold by claiming your rewards accumulated on your purchases? If you thought this is too good to be true, Finserv MARKETS Rewards brings to you the good news of buying gold using the accumulated reward coins in your Finserv MARKETS customer account.

What is Finserv MARKETS Rewards?

The Finserv MARKETS Rewards program, available on the Finserv MARKETS Mobile App, brings to you a host of rewards from time to time for transactions made on the app. Unlocking the available rewards shall entitle you to B-coins that can further be redeemed to buy digital gold. A minimum of 500 B-coins are to be redeemed to buy digital gold worth Rs. 50, i.e., 500 B-coins = Rs. 50 of Digital Gold.


Rewards Program on Finserv MARKETS App


What kind of rewards can the customers claim from Finserv MARKETS app?

In addition to B-coins, your Finserv MARKETS rewards could be in the form of an insurance cover, or a personalized credit history record and more. Customers who download the Finserv MARKETS mobile app for the first time can claim a plethora of rewards such as:

  • A personalized CIBIL Financial Health Check Report worth 1000 B-coins
  • A term-life cover of Rs. 50,000 worth 750 B-coins.
  • A personal accident cover of Rs. 1 Lakh worth 750 B-coins.Rewards Program on Finserv MARKETS App


How does the Finserv MARKETS rewards program work?

The Finserv MARKETS rewards are regularly reflected in the concerned section and the process entails three simple steps as stated below:

  • Unlock your rewards
  • B-coins get credited to your balance
  • B-coins can be redeemed, provided the balance is at least 500 B-coins

You can enter the number of B-coins you want to redeem from your balance and explore what’s worth buying for the amount you receive upon redemption. You can also check your rewards history once you redeem the required numbers of B-coins.

A last word on the Finserv MARKETS Mobile App

Finserv MARKETS mobile app is a unique gateway that not only helps a customer’s financial planning but also provides a safe, secure and credible online shopping experience, on the move. It’s a one-stop solution that offers customized choices for all your insurance, loans, and investment requirements. Given the high security features of the app, you can easily store and access all your documents, and tracking your application is just a few clicks away with its 24X7 swift customer support.

For a personalised online shopping experience, Finserv MARKETS hosts a variety of goods- ranging from home appliances to smartphones, sold by leading electronic and consumer brands in Indian market on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. On Finserv MARKETS, customers can shop hassle-free and avail exclusive offers using different Bajaj Finserv payment cards. The app customizes the product options based on your previous searches and offers exclusive discounts and benefits on your purchases.

So, if you are someone who is starved for time to shop in person, or to walk to a branch to inquire about your financial planning, Finserv MARKETS is, well, the best place for you to get going. So, hurry up and claim as many Finserv MARKETS rewards as possible on all your purchases while you are on the run.

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