Here’s How You Can Re-decorate Your House Under 1 Lakh

Posted in Emic Article By Chanel Rick - Jul 16,2022
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There’s something therapeutic about re-decorating a house. From internet-inspired room makeovers to using a windfall to re-do your apartment or house, the excitement is relatable. These endeavours can quickly rack up a bill, whether you came into sudden wealth or decided to upgrade your appliances. 

Out of desperation, you might wind up on gimmicky websites or explore stores for bargain deals. Regardless, it’s crucial to stick to a flexible budget that can accommodate all your desires. Or at least certain big-ticket items! Some of the best home decor ideas recommend using a clever mix of free and pocket-friendly household upgrades.  

While exploring the internet for D-I-Y home decor solutions, try experimenting with the following free household upgrades to spruce up your house. 

●    Frame Printables: Surf through the internet and find attractive public domain images to liven up your apartment 

●    Re-Arrange Furniture: Pull out furniture from other rooms and use a mix-and-match strategy to change the look of the room 

●    Declutter Surfaces: Remove unnecessary items from table tops, counters and shelves for a minimalistic revamp 

●    Decor Swap: Exchange interest items between friends to introduce new styles without shelling out a single rupee 

●    Re-Paint Furniture: Give old pieces of furniture a new look with a fresh coat of paint for a D-I-Y makeover 

These simple home decor solutions can make a massive difference in the ambience of your household. It’s a fun way of revamping old items and avoiding major expenses that home re-decorations often bring along. 

6 Appliances for Every Home Makeover 

After getting the best out of the old, let’s re-route our focus on the new! Nothing delights the senses like a home decor shopping spree. That said, it’s also a great excuse to upgrade your old appliances with the latest gadgets available on the market.  

The following list contains everything your house needs. If your windfall or budget allows levy for up to ₹1 Lakh, then you can manage to snag a couple of these items.

Samsung 125 cm (50 Inch) (4K) Ultra HD LED Smart TV 

Price: ₹64,900 

Built-in with PurColor, this Samsung TV provides an immersive movie-watching experience. This feature adds a pop to the range of colours it expresses for optimal picture performance. It allows you to seamlessly connect with your mobile/PC/laptop to mirror movies and music directly on the TV. 

Consider upgrading to this smart Samsung TV that offers the comforts of modern amenities for a reasonable cost! It channels a clear picture and performance as it automatically estimates and calibrates the frames based on the source of the content streamed. The TV is sleek and elegant, and its minimalistic style conceals the untidiness of cables and other wires. 

Voltas 0.75 Ton 3 Star Split AC 

Price: ₹19,196 

This Voltas AC comes with a 3 Star Rating that ensures energy savings of up to 15%. Recommended for small rooms or areas measured to 90 sq ft. The 0.75 Ton cooling capacity provides blastings of cold air for long periods. 

Whether for your children’s room or a parlour, it’s a great cooling addition for summer or humid days. Its high energy-saving features prevent you from racking a hefty electric bill. This Voltas AC is a commendable piece for budget-friendly home appliance upgrades. 

Whirlpool 603 L Side by Side Refrigerator 

Price: ₹66,300 

Created with adaptive intelligence technology, it offers multiple savvy features. Some include 6th sense CloudFresh technology, magic shelves and an auto-glow bar. Its star energy rating provides up to 10% of savings. 

Ideal for families consisting of 6 or more members, it offers ample storage for food and other ingredients. The side-by-side doors provide flexibility, giving you access to a versatile refrigerator. Furthermore, its features give your stored items long-lasting freshness and reduce bacterial growth by 99.9%! 

LG 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 

Price: ₹18,193 

A trusted household brand,- this LG top-load washing machine comes with a 5 Star Rating. Built with TurboDrum and Smart Diagnosis, it offers a variety of features. The smart inverter technology and Jet Spray+ upgrade your overall washing experience with optimal performance and cleaner results. 

Being one of the most water-proof washing machines on the market, it’s perfect for individuals who park their washers in water-prone areas. It’s water-resistant built prevents corrosion, and provides additional durability. The smart inverter’s energy-saving technology efficiently controls the energy used during operation.  

Havells 70 L Desert Air Cooler

Price: ₹14,099

The Havells air cooler has numerous features, including triple-level dust/insect protection, humidity control and auto-drain. Its design shows off a 3-side honeycomb cooling pad, and the cooler comes with its water tank cover. 

Users looking for AC alternatives can opt for this Havells air cooler! Certain features like humidity control make it an ideal choice for any region within India. Additionally, Havells has eliminated the loud operational noises associated with air coolers by designing them for silent cooling. 

Philips 2.1 Channel Home Theatre 

Price: ₹6,990 

This wireless home theatre by Phillips can stream music via Bluetooth or USB Direct for smooth MP3 music playback. Its sleek and sturdy build adds to the aesthetic of the environment. 

Whether a gamer or jazz enthusiast, this home theatre can meet all your musical needs! The speakers come with multi-connectivity options and allow you to link them with devices like computers, consoles, smartphones, etc. Also, the multimedia device can be placed horizontally or on the floor. 

The next time you come into sudden wealth or decide to re-do your place, give this list a try! A fun mix of free and budget-friendly home upgrades can add a touch of freshness to your daily routine. For discounts on appliances and other home products, visit Bajaj MARKETS today! 

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