How Fintech Apps are Changing E-commerce

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Digitization has heavily influenced the Banking and Finance Sector in recent years. Nowadays, various financial institutions are using Fintech apps for leveraging their services with customer satisfaction. Fintech apps generally focus on providing credit and non-traditional financing arrangements to small businesses and start-ups. Apart from banking, various other industries such as real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. have also started making use of Fintech applications to provide efficient and reliable service to their customers. Some of the prime examples of Fintech apps are crypto-currencies, e-wallets, and mobile payments. Let us have a look at how Fintech Apps are changing e-commerce:

Fintech apps and Ecommerce

  • Fintech apps have hugely influenced e-commerce by improving the online payment system. These apps can be used as an alternative payment option if the consumer doesn’t have a credit card, debit card, or a bank account. Fintech apps have also made cross-border e-commerce very convenient. International money transfers can be done conveniently by using Fintech apps such as PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet. The integration of various online payment platforms such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. with e-commerce platforms has improved the effectiveness and security for e-commerce. Also, the introduction of Fintech apps in e-commerce has given birth to new payment companies like PhonePe, PayZapp, etc.
  • Due to the increasing competition in the finance sector, customer engagement and retention has become difficult for financial institutions. Therefore, a lot of financial institutions are making use of Fintech apps to make online shopping far more convenient for consumers. It has been observed that financial companies with Fintech apps are engaging with customers much better.
  • Fintech apps have helped e-commerce companies to increase their productivity and accessibility. This has paved the path for the long-term growth of various e-commerce organizations. The smooth experience which the customer gets during online shopping is the key factor that has led to the success of Fintech in e-commerce.
  • Nowadays, you can easily purchase any product online and pay for it through easy EMIs. For instance, if you purchase an iPhone, you would get the checkout option to avail an instant personal loan to pay for your iPhone. You can easily avail the loan and opt for an affordable EMI to make the repayment in a hassle-free way. Also, you can make use of Fintech apps to get your iPhone insured.

To sum it up, there has been a drastic transformation in e-commerce due to the introduction of Fintech apps. Fintech apps have improved e-commerce and helped in expanding the outreach of e-commerce to a great extent. Trading has become easier and more convenient than ever before. Customers across the world are enjoying this change and making the most of it while shopping online.

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