How To Use Screen Mirroring on Your Mi TV

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Rahul, a cab driver, was determined to buy a Smart TV before the festive occasion of Diwali. After all, he promised his children that he would purchase a TV that could be connected with their mobile phones. With an easy EMI option on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, Rahul could comfortably buy an MI Smart TV that his elder brother suggested owing to its reliability, new tech, and a reasonable price. Although he was able to fulfil his promise of buying the smart tv, he was unsure of how to mirror his mobile onto the newly purchased MI Tv. If like Rahul, you too are unsure about using this feature, read along to understand how to use screen mirroring on Mi TV.

First things first

Screen mirroring allows you to watch any content from your mobile device or laptop onto your TV screen. This becomes an effective way of viewing your phone content – videos, photos, files – on the big screen. To be able to screen mirror wirelessly, your TV should support a wifi connection. This feature is available the Smart MI TV. You can now purchase the same with zero down payment and complement it with a no-cost EMI and other attractive offers, on EMI Store. For a seamless connection between your television and a hand-held device, a stable and fast wifi connection is indispensable.

You’ll find that the Mi TV screen cast is actually a piece of cake. After switching on your TV, make sure the option “Stream from your device to your TV” is always turned on. This can be done by selecting ‘Settings’ from the homepage of your Smart MI Television and choosing the ‘Security’ option. Within the Security tab, go to ‘Micast Settings’ and turn the stream option on.

Step By Step Guide TO Mirror Your Phone Onto Your Mi TV

1. Connecting with your iPhone

Download the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(PRO) app on your MI TV. After the application is downloaded, open it and simultaneously swipe to your control centre on your iPhone. Select Air-Mirroring. A device with a conventional name of ‘A-TV’ will be visible on your mobile (the name can be different, it won’t matter). Tap on the device name. Voila! Your iPhone will be mirrored to your MI TV. Please ensure that your mobile device and the television are connected to the same Wifi-network.

2. Connecting with Macbook

Screen cast in MI TV can also be done with your Macbook. The same application, AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(PRO) can be used. After opening the app on MI-TV, simultaneously choose the Air-play icon on your Mac-book. On the drop-down menu, select the device name and the Macbook will be mirrored to the Mi TV. See? Piece of cake!

3. Connecting with Mi/Android Phone

Under the “Apps” section of your Mi TV, select the ‘More’ icon. Search for an icon labelled “Wireless Screen Sharing”. After selecting it, you’ll be diverted to a screen displaying a “Miracast” banner. Now, open your phone settings. Under this tab switch on the ‘cast’ option, which will usually be under the tab of “Display”. After waiting for a few seconds, your television name will be displayed on your phone screen. Tap on it, and your phone will be ‘mirrored’ to your MI Television. You can even use the ‘cast’ tile, available on a few Android phones on the notification panel, to mirror with Miracast to your Mi TV.

4. Connecting with Windows Laptop

For Windows users, connecting your laptop with MiTV is also convenient. After opening the Miracast for Mi TV and making sure that your laptop and TV are connected to the same Wifi-network, press the ‘Windows key + P’ simultaneously on your laptop. A list of wireless displays available in the vicinity will pop-up. Select your device name from the list, and your laptop will be mirrored.

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Reading this guide would have solved any confusion you had on Mi TV Cast Screen. Now easily share your phone content with your family and friends without handing over your phone! For some, phone/laptop privacy is essential. Moreover, if you have a planned get-together at your place, there is no need to replug the cable every time your friends wish to play their content. Further, with the improved use of portable smart devices, Miracast for Mi TV makes it comfortable to share content with others, instead of having everybody huddle around your hand-held device. However, the only important prerequisite for efficient streaming is a fast internet connection that is stable with low latency. Make sure you have one so that it doesn’t undermine your viewing experience. Found this helpful? Learn more about the latest trends in technology only on Bajaj Markets.

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