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Posted in Lending Articles By Prabhat Singh - Mar 13,2022
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India is home to several picturesque landscapes and wonderful tourist destinations. The country not only offers majestic beauty to travel enthusiasts, but also provides several enthralling adventure activities to the curious and fearless souls. Below is a list of top adventure activities that you must try.

Must-try Adventure Trips in India

Bike Expedition – Bike expeditions are quickly gaining popularity in India. These expeditions offer a lot of excitement and the thrill of never-ending roads, narrow valleys and uncertain climate provides an enthralling experience. Here are some famous bike tours/excursions in India:  

  • Manali – Leh – North India’s most famous bike expedition gives the best experience from July to September. This trip can cost you as much as ₹ 35-40K.  
  • Jaipur – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Enjoy the cultural diversity and hospitality in this cultural through the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan. Take a trip from November to February. The average cost of this trip is ₹ 32K-36K.  
  • Mumbai – Thiruvananthapuram – Starting from the packed roads of Mumbai, enjoy the ride into the southwest part of India. The best time for this trip is October to February, and it will cost you around ₹ 20-25K. 

  Skydiving – Jumping off the plane at 10,000-12,000ft can be a life-changing experience. Skydiving is one of the most popular adventures all around the globe. You can now experience the thrill of skydiving at various places across India as well.  

  • Pondicherry – You can witness the lush green landscape as you free fall from the sky. The average cost for a static jump starts at ₹ 18K while for a Tandem at ₹ 27K.  
  • Mysore – You can have the ultimate skydiving experience at Mysore. A Tandem jump for 3 hours costs you around ₹ 35K.  
  • Deesa – You can enjoy the view of the Deesa lake while falling from the sky. A static line jump cost ₹ 16.5K while Tandem and AFF cost ₹ 33.5K and ₹ 37.5, respectively.  

Trekking – Trekking is one of the most beautiful and rewarding activities to discover nature and explore its beauty. Here are some of the lesser-known treks that you can plan to explore this year.  

  • Sandakhphu, West Bengal – This trek starts at an altitude of 11,941 m above sea level and is 4 hours away from Darjeeling. Except for the rainy season, you can visit at any time of the year. This trek will cost you anything between ₹11K-14K.  
  • Brahmatal, Uttarakhand – At the maximum altitude of 12250 ft, this trek allows you to trek to an alpine lake and camp near it. It will cost you around ₹ 10K and is best when done in January to March.  
  • Chokramudi Peak, Kerala – Located at an altitude of 7200 ft., this trek will cost you ₹ 4-5K at any time of year.

  Surfing – The Peninsular India has many spots for surfing enthusiasts. Here are a few places where you can enjoy the thrill of surfing:  

  • Goa – Surfing in the Goa beaches is an enthralling adventure that is best enjoyed throughout the year, except during the rainy season. It will cost you around ₹ 5-7K.  
  • Little Andaman, Andaman Islands – Enjoy surfing at Butler Bay at any time of the year except the rainy season at a reasonable price. 
  • Covelong, Tamil Nadu – An hour away from Chennai, Covelong boasts to have the most trusted waves where you can enjoy surfing at a reasonable price. However, be a little cautious during the rainy season.   

 Scuba diving – Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in the world. You can have this incredible experience in India at the following places.

  • The Andaman Islands – Submerged in the Indian Ocean, these islands are the foci of different marine life, and to traverse more, you can try scuba diving. The best time to do this activity is between October to April & will cost you ₹4.5 – 6K.  
  • Netrani Island, Karnataka – Known as the heart of India’s diving, the aquatic habitat and clean and blue water make this an unforgettable experience. The best time for this is December & January, and it costs ₹ 5.5-6K. 
  • Grand Island, Goa – Enjoy the aquatic habitat of the Grand Island, along with a cool and calm underwater world at just ₹ 4k. The best time to dive is November to March.  

Travelling can burn a hole in your pocket. So, instead of digging into your savings, go for a travel insurance and enjoy your excursions guilt free.

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