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Currently, 1 in 5 phones sold globally are Samsung smartphones, way ahead of any other smartphone manufacturer in the market aside from Apple. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering every Samsung phone is well built, powerful, and stylish.

If you want the next best Samsung phone for 2019, we’re here to help you out. We’ll explain the differences between the best smartphones from Samsung. Your job is easy: simply purchase one that catches your eye! You can also do a mobile exchange offer by swapping your current Samsung mobile for a new must-have Samsung 4G mobile. There are plenty of the latest Samsung smartphones on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for you to choose from.

The only issue for you is deciding the best one and here’s where we come in: we’ll give you the best Samsung 4G mobiles on the market. You can pick one from this list and buy it with the utmost confidence.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Selling at ₹79,999 for the base model)

This Samsung Galaxy is definitely expensive. While it is the newest model and offers the most a Samsung 4G mobile can give, it can prove slightly heavy on the pocket. But the phone’s incomparable specifications make it worth your while. Two big reasons to buy this model is the very useful S Pen is and the beautiful front glass screen.

It’s a monster phone with a massive 6.8-inch screen and top-notch speeds. It packs up 12GB RAM and allows up to 1.5TB internal storage with a MicroSD slot. It boasts of a triple rear camera of 12MP, 12MP and 16MP with varying apertures to click fantastic photos. The front dual-camera sports a 10MP and 8MP. It also packs a powerful 4300 mAh battery with the Snapdragon 855 plus Exynos 9825 processors.

The phone oozes quality in your hand and the only complaint is that it’s just too much to handle. It becomes overkill for simple everyday tasks like social media browsing. But if you’ve got a very old Samsung model, swap it for the Note 10 Plus on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store with their mobile exchange offer and get ₹15,000 in exchange value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Selling at ₹69,999 for the base model)

If money isn’t a concern here, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the best phone money can buy. There are two major reasons to buy this Samsung 4G mobile: the large 6.4-inch QHD+ display and the best phone specifications. If you can’t handle the dizzying heights of the Note 10 Plus, then Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the best smaller alternative. It has a stunning build, a long lasting battery of 41000mAh for the S series, and a triple-lens rear camera like the Note 10+.

It weighs less at 175g and sports the same processors and camera specifications as the Note 10+, all offered at a lower price. It allows inbuilt storage options up to 1TB with either 8GB or 12GB RAM. These specifications definitely make S10 Plus the best Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the market for its price. You can take a mobile exchange offer to swap your old Samsung model for the S10 Plus on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get ₹15,000 in exchange value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (Selling at ₹61,900 for the base model)

It’s tricky choosing between these three Galaxy S smartphones launched in 2019. This Samsung Galaxy mobile is way more expensive than S10E but has the edge over it by a long shot. You get a larger screen and a greater camera, making it worth the extra outlay. The major reasons to buy this handset are its excellent specifications and fantastic triple-lens rear camera.

It offers lightning fast speeds, a beautiful 6.1-inch display with fewer bezels, and so much more. So much so that you won’t go wrong with this. It weighs 157g and comes with 8GB RAM and two internal storage options of 128GB or 512GB. The 3400 mAh battery is low but it can last you a whole day. Its rear camera sports the same specifications as the Note 10 Plus and S10 Plus but the front camera is only a single lens of 10MP. If you’re considering this affordable Samsung model, then do a mobile exchange offer on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to trade your old Samsung mobile for the S10 handset and get ₹15,000 in exchange value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10E (Selling at ₹50,100 for the base model)

This Samsung 4G mobile is the best one to buy if you want to save cash. It always sits below the S10 Plus and S10 in every best Samsung smartphone list but still offers a fantastic package. At a lower price than the previous S series models, you still have a snappy high-quality processor with a sharp software. The main reasons to buy it is that it is more compact and pocket-friendly while being the cheapest from the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

It has a dual-lens rear camera but with its specifications, you can get some great shots! It sports a smaller 5.8-inch display and you should see that as a positive if you have smaller pockets or hands and want to save money. It weighs 150g and comes with two options: 6GB or 8GB RAM with either 128GB or 256GB storage. The battery is less powerful sitting at 3100 mAh. But it runs on the same processor as the high-end S10 models so you get fantastic software regardless for a cheaper smartphone. If you want to upgrade to S10E, swap your old Samsung mobile with the mobile exchange offer on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for the S10E handset and get ₹15,000 in exchange value.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Selling at ₹67,900 for the base model)

This Samsung Galaxy smartphone is the cheaper option for those who need a stylus. The Samsung 4G mobile packs incredible specifications and features with a large 6.4-inch screen, bigger than the S10 and S10E. The major reason to buy this phone is that it packs a lot of power and fantastic aesthetics with its screen. Plus you get the upgraded S Pen stylus. The battery stands at 4000mAh which is bigger than the S10 and S10E and will last you a whole day with medium to high use.

The specifications aren’t a big jump over S9 and S9 Plus so you’re paying a little extra for the stylus, when compared to the 2018 releases. It sports a less advanced dual-lens rear camera of 12MP each and single-lens front camera of 8MP. It’s heavier than the Note 10 Plus at 201g but small enough to use in one hand. The stylus is fantastic for its price as it comes with remote camera shutter and media playback capabilities. It runs on the Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 processors. It offers 6GB or 8GB RAM with internal storage options of 128GB and 512GB. If the Note 9 is right up your alley and you want a Samsung upgrade, swap your old mobile with the mobile exchange offer on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to get the Note 9 handset with ₹15,000 in exchange value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Selling at ₹60,800 for the base model)

This is the previous best Samsung phone, full stop. It was everyone’s pick for the best Samsung Galaxy phone in 2018 because of all its amazing upgrades. This Samsung 4G mobile has great specifications even for this year with the same powerful processors and dual-lens rear camera as the Note 9 with more storage options of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Unlike the S9, this handset sports a 6.2-inch display and weighs a little more at 189g. It is powered with a 3500 mAh battery, which is f decent power to last you a whole day. Overall is a fantastic smartphone that you can get some great deals on now too. If you don’t find the prices within your budget or the new phones too big, consider the S9 Plus as a suitable option.

  • Samsung Galaxy A80 (Selling at ₹39,990 for the base model)

This Samsung 4G mobile is a good smartphone that won’t break your bank. Samsung Galaxy A80 is the case in point with decent to good specifications and a well-functioning camera, all for a significantly lower price than what you would fork out for an S10 or Note 10. The major reasons to buy A80 is that it boasts a large 6.7-inch display and gives you plenty of great specifications for the price.

The best feature of the A80 is its rotating camera wherein the rear dual-lens camera of 48MP and 8MP spins around to become the front camera. It’s definitely a cool party trick and your selfies will be as good as any other shots you take otherwise. It’s a heavier phone, weighing 220g and comes with 8GB storage and 128GB in storage. It sports a 3700 mAh battery, which is more powerful than the S9 Plus. It runs on the Snapdragon 730 processor, which is less powerful than the S series 2019 releases, but nonetheless, worth the price the phone is selling at.

  • Samsung Galaxy A50 (Selling at ₹16,999 for the base model)

Now if you are going down the budget end of the smartphone market and need a good smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A50 is the budget class sweepstake by Samsung. This Samsung 4G mobile is an option that goes relatively light on your pocket. The major reasons to buy this smartphone is that it is the perfect phone for daily use and sports a very simple and stylish design. However, you are going to find basic specifications due to the lower price.

The phone boasts a big 6.4-inch display, which is quite the standout. It weighs less at 166g, with a fantastic dual-lens rear camera of 25MP and 5MP with a front camera of 25MP. The phone is powered by a 4000 mAh battery, which is more than enough to last you the whole day. You can avail two storage options of 4GB or 6GB RAM with 64GB or 128GB inbuilt storage. Overall, the phone won’t let you down with its top-notch performance, great camera, and high-powered battery. If the A50 ticks off all your boxes, consider swapping your old Samsung phone for this Samsung Galaxy smartphone on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store using their mobile exchange offer. The store also offers exclusive benefits like No Cost EMI, ZERO down payment, lightning-fast 4-hour delivery, exchange offers  etc. You can also check out some great refurbished phone deals on the EMI Store.

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