The Dos and Don'ts for online furniture shopping

Posted in Emic Article By Bajaj Markets - Mar 3,2022
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Online furniture shopping in India is not as easy as it looks. If you are a beginner and setting up a home for the first time, then buying the appropriate furniture can be a tough nut to crack. Although furniture shoppers can rejoice over the multiple design options available today, the numerous choices can also lead to confusion.

The right furniture can transform your house into a home. The wrong furniture can turn your house into a cramped and disorganized space where even walking around freely is a pain. So, how can you ensure that you get the best furniture for your needs at the best price?

The key word here is ‘research’ — you have to survey the market and strictly follow the Dos and Don’ts of furniture shopping. If you are a furniture shopper, read on to get the best experience of online furniture shopping in India.

Dos of furniture buying

Always measure your space

Measuring your space and deciding the size of the furniture is an important part of the buying process. Be it a dining set or a recliner, make sure there is ample room in your house to keep your favourite pieces without adding to the clutter. A wrong sized product will cramp up your room and leave you with little space to walk around freely. Rooms obstructed with giant pieces of furniture look unappealing and may also be hazardous to navigate for children and older people. Getting the right sized items means that you will not face the hassle of replacing/exchanging them later.

Be well researched

Online furniture shopping in India can backfire if furniture shoppers do not put in the necessary research. Making a purchase without knowing enough about the product is surely a bad idea. For example, if you are planning to buy a particular sofa set, it would be prudent to go through user reviews of the same. This is a great way to prevent yourself from being conned into buying an inferior item. You can also get personalised advice from furniture stores in order to make an informed purchase.

Don’ts of furniture shopping

Don’t follow a single style

Having all the furniture of the same design can be monotonous. To break this monotony, furniture shoppers must mix and match designs for the highest visual appeal and comfort. Look for different styles and materials that complement each other and add to the elegance of your living space. You can also opt for colour-coordinated elements, like matching your living room furniture to the drapes and wall colour. Having multiple pieces from various styles will lend an air of sophistication to your house.

Don’t settle for less

Going for a sofa set? Why not purchase a modular couch instead? Online furniture shopping in India has opened the floodgates for furniture shoppers. You now have thousands of styles and designs to choose from while looking for the best furniture for your house. Increased competition between brands also means that even the fanciest luxury furniture items are available at a bargain these days. Since you will not be buying furniture every day, we recommend you stretch your budget a little and go for the best items on offer. All in all, aim for the stars and don’t settle for less.


With great furniture comes great responsibility — that of maintaining it. Always remember that your furniture is vulnerable to the weather, dust, liquids, toddlers, pets, and several other factors. Dusting and wiping your furniture regularly will go a long way in extending its life and appeal. You can invest in protective covers that will guard against accidental spills and splashes. You should also periodically check if the furniture is stable and that all nuts and bolts are tight and secure. Regular maintenance is the key if you want your furniture to last for a long time.

Place your furniture at the right place

Placing electronic gadgets on a bookshelf or using a dining table to iron clothes — while there are no laws against this sort of behaviour, it all amounts to a disorganised house.

Your furniture has a designated use and a designated space where it is to be kept. For example, placing a huge couch where it obstructs the opening of a door is strictly unnecessary. Similarly, placing a sharp-edged side table where it is likely to cause an injury to children is also avoidable. Take the time to think where you want to place your furniture, especially kid’s room furniture. The arrangement should bring out the best in your house, in terms of style, comfort as well as safety.

Summary: Online furniture shopping in India has opened new vistas for furniture shoppers. You can now avail yourself of the latest designs at the best prices from the comfort of your home. But buying a great piece of furniture also means that you have to maintain it in a proper condition. Here are the ultimate Dos and Don’ts of modern furniture shopping that you must bear in mind before making a purchase. We also tell you how you can keep your favourite furniture in ship shape for years to come.

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