Want to enter the agriculture sector? 10 cash crops to consider

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India’s agricultural sector has always been the biggest employment sector in the country. It can be a profitable and sustainable model for achieving success. However, before venturing into the agricultural sector, it is important to know which crops you should grow in order to maximize your profits. Cash crops are the crops which are grown and harvested for sale, and can also be exported. Earlier, cash crops were usually a portion of a farm’s total yield but today, farmers in many different countries grow only cash crops for export purposes.

However, entering into the agriculture sector and growing cash crops requires a significant amount of investment as well. You will need to purchase not only the land, but also seeds and other additional items. Depending on the kind of farming you wish to practice, additional inputs could include pesticides or insecticides. Getting yourself started in the agriculture sector would require to learn certain skills or hire people with farming skills. If you are short on funds, you can always opt to avail an agri loan which can help you get started in the sector. You can apply online for a personal loan on Bajaj Markets, where personal loans can be approved in just 3 minutes. The best personal loans can act as a great boost to your agricultural enterprise.


Want to enter the agricultural sector? Here are 10 cash crops to consider

Once you have bought the land and prepared it for planting, purchase of seeds is the next step required for entering the agricultural sector. Read on to learn about the 10 best and most profitable cash crops you can grow.


  1. Bamboo:

Bamboo is a popular cash crop and is primarily used as a landscaping plant. Additionally, it holds benefits for planters as well since it can grow very fast and the bamboo forest can be harvested for up to 40 years which means you can reap incredible profits from growing this crop for many years.

  1. Cotton:

Cotton is a very important crop and is used across multiple industries. It is one of the major materials to be used in the textile industry, and thus, sees planters gaining huge profits.

  1. Cactus:

Cactus arrangements are popular home decor items. You can not only grow the plant easily since several plants can be grown together in the same container, but you can also cut it and sell it as decorative items, which can result in high profits. What makes this plant even more popular among planters is the low initial capital required to begin planting it.

  1. Garlic:

Garlic is a reasonably easy crop to grow because it can be grown in different soil types and in a range of different climates. These aromatic rhizomes, which can be used both as a spice and in medicine, have huge demand from across the world; and the export margins can prove quite profitable for planters.

  1. Grapes:

The demand for grapes is rising rapidly from different wineries, across the world. It is one of the most profitable cash crops grown by farmers across the world. However, growing grapes also requires a substantial amount of investment for which you can easily avail an agri loan. Bajaj Finserv personal loan will provide you with the capital easily and offer a repayment tenure that allows you to pay back the loan comfortably. Apply online for a personal loan on Bajaj Markets, and get access to as much as Rs. 25 lakh which you can repay over a period of 12 to 60 months. Thereby, you can start repaying your loan after a long enough period that allows you to reap handsome profits.

  1. Mushroom:

Mushrooms are rapidly being used more and more frequently, across different gourmet cuisines around the world. Additionally, many types of mushrooms can be ready for sale within a few weeks alone, thereby, ensuring quick profits. Growing mushroom also does not require high amounts of set up capital.

  1. Sugarcane:

Sugarcane is a high yield crop, which generates high profits for planters. However, it is a long duration crop and takes some time to be viable commercially. On the other hand, it can grow well regardless of the weather conditions. The crop has high demand from sugar factories, and can be exported as well.

  1. Tea:

Tea has always been a profitable crop for planters, and even today it sees high demand from different markets around the world. Demand for the more exotic types of tea is growing rapidly, with the export market yielding high profits for tea planters. However, it is important to remember that growing tea has certain conditions as well, including the crop’s requirement for heavy rainfall.

  1. Sunflower:

Sunflower is grown as a commercial cash crop, with wide application in the edible oil manufacturing industry. However, growing the sunflower crop requires quite a large bit of area which will require substantial investment at the beginning.

  1. Flowers:

Flowers are a popular cash crop, with demand generated from all over the world. Growing certain kinds of flowers also might not require substantial investment, since these can be grown even in home settings. However, it is important to know which kinds of flowers will prosper in your area and select the appropriate varieties for your environment.

Planting cash crops can bring enormous profits to planters. However, growing some of the cash crops can also require substantial investment at the beginning, which can be paid for easily with an agri loan. Apply online for a personal loan for agriculture on Bajaj Markets, and see how a personal loan can help turn your agricultural venture into a profitable business. Now you got to know the benefit of personal loan, know how to get a personal loan only at Bajaj Markets.

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