Why should I take a loan to buy a tractor? 5 benefits of farm automation

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Close to 58 % of India’s population depends upon agriculture as their primary source of livelihood.In 2018, Gross Value Added by agriculture and allied industries such as forestry and fisheries stood at 18.53 trillion (US$ 271.00 billion). However, only 65 % of the rural population is engaged in agriculture with a take home income of just Rs 6,500 per month.

India ranks second in the world when it comes to farm output, however, the Indian farmer is still beset with manual labour and high operational costs. This is where technology could be a gamechanger for farmers. Farm equipment such as tractors could play a vital role to help India achieve a target of doubling farm income by 2022.

Close to 6 to 7 lakh tractors are sold every year in India, making this the largest category of farm equipment. Today, India is not only the biggest manufacturer but also the biggest market in the world for tractors. The tractor market is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8 to 10 %.

Here is why buying a tractor could transform your farming experience:


5 benefits of farm automation


Source: TechSci Research

1. Increased efficiency:

Every summer vacation when Suresh would come to his village from his college in the city, he would see how hard his father worked. He would get up at the crack of dawn and feed the cows and then take them to their field for tilling and sowing, depending on the season. Suresh dreamt of a day he could earn well and give his father some rest from this laborious life. If Suresh’s father could take a loan to buy a tractor, his life would have transformed. Not only would it help him save time, but he could get more work done in less time thus increasing his efficiency. Instead of depending on farm animals, you can employ a tractor with cultivators, rotavators, sprayers, threshers and other equipment to make farming convenient.

2. Reduce production costs:

Farm automation is directly related to the yield. So buying a tractor could help you save 15 to 20 % on seeds and fertilisers since machines bring in more precision.Tractors can help with tillage, sowing, inter-row crop cultivation and harvesting bringing a smile on your face as you look forward to farming. They also help increase cropping intensity leading to more productivity than before. A reduction in the cost of production could be an incentive for you to take a personal loan to buy a tractor available on Bajaj Markets .


5 benefits of farm automation


3. Increases land cultivability:

Farmers who reside in difficult terrain such as mountains, desert areas and rocky surfaces know fully well how time consuming it is to till such land. More often they tend to give up. This is where farm automation equipment such as a tractor can be a boon. As opposed to manual labour, advanced tiling techniques employed by these machines can help convert waste land into agricultural land thus boosting your profits when the harvesting season approaches.

4. More comfortable:

Imagine sitting in an adjustable deluxe seat in a tractor with dual clutch, nine forward and three reverse gears and oil immersed disc brakes. Thanks to the powerful hydraulics, you can easily lift harvest of upto 1500 kgs. Buying a tractor can make large scale fieldwork a breeze, instead of a chore. So don’t think twice! Go get that tractor with the help of a personal loan for agriculture on Bajaj Markets.

5. Choose your own machine:

With more than 16 domestic players and a few global companies, there is a wide range of tractors available in the market today. So whether you have a small orchard or a farm of many acres, you can take your pick. Whether you are looking for powerful hydraulics or more gears, a noise free operation, comfortable cabin or power steering, you won’t be disappointed. Farm automation in India is equipped with the latest technology to help you deliver better results in the field.

You can take a personal loan to buy a tractor on Bajaj Markets. There is no lengthy paperwork and no collateral required. Simply log on to the website and fill in your personal and employment details. Specify the loan amount and select a tenure for repayment as per your convenience.

Just submit a few necessary documents and you can get your loan approved online within 3 minutes on Bajaj Markets with the amount reflected in your bank account within a day. Isn’t that great?

Be a part of the Indian growth story and rejoice with better crop yields with technology by your side. Choose to be a smart farmer and transform your future. Because that is what will shape the future of India.

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