How to Budget Your Solo Backpacking Trip?

Posted in Lending Articles By Deepshikha Nainani - Nov 18,2021
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There is nothing more liberating than taking a solo backpacking trip. And this, I can say from my own experience. Having travelled solo for almost 8-9 years, I have realised the importance of a concrete plan and budget before taking any solo trip. Since you wouldn’t have anyone else to share the expenses with, it becomes imperative to research well, bracket your expenses in advance and make an intelligent budget.

Let’s know about some hacks so that you can nail a fabulous solo trip and still be able to save some money.

Start with finalising your travel dates and your destination

Begin with finalising your dates of travel and the destination where you want to go as soon as possible. Accordingly, other ‘to-dos’ can be managed.

Look for cheap travel tickets

Search and compare travel fares online – for air, train, or bus in advance. The sooner you book, the better price you’ll get. It’s generally observed that airfare gets cheaper if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Weekends, Mondays and Fridays are usually slightly more expensive. Also, keep an eye on the deals that various travel portals offer.

Book for accommodation too in advance, if possible

Just like travel tickets, browse through the hotels, homestays, resorts, or hostels in advance too. If you’re travelling during peak or festive season, then you should be even more aware, as the prices increase during these seasons. Booking a place that offers free breakfast can help you save that extra bit on your breakfast cost.

Also, you can directly speak to the owners or managers of properties instead of booking from portals, as they might offer you a good deal. Give it a try!

Travel during off-season

Travelling during the off-season can help save you a lot, as fares and accommodation get much cheaper.

Buy a local SIM

The moment you reach your destination, buy a local SIM. It can help save the money you might blow up in making necessary calls. And roaming calls can be a huge pain!

Download ride-sharing apps

This tip can save you so much! Look for local ride-sharing apps. For long distances, you can always use cabs or bikes that actually end up saving a lot of bucks. I travelled within Vietnam entirely on shared bikes except for my airport trips. And it saved me a great deal!

Travel like a local as much as possible

Yes, that’s true! Ditch the touristy style and travel like a local. Use public transport, like buses, local trains, trams, metros; take two-wheelers on rent or simply walk and explore the place. It will help you shed those calories you’d pile on during your vacation binging.

Eat at economical, local places

Instead of fine dining or visiting expensive restaurants, try the food at the local eateries. Don’t compromise on the food quality but pick places that can treat you with local delicacies. It’s a great way of exploring the local cuisine and foods.

Spend less on unnecessary souvenirs

Yes, we all love those cute, artsy pieces, don’t we? But frankly, souvenirs have no real utility value and are just eye candies. Plus, they usually are expensive, especially at airports. So, spend wisely, in fact, little on souvenirs and avoid buying them at airports.


Travelling solo can be an experience of a lifetime! And it can be even more memorable if your budget is planned well in advance. To conclude, sharing an important piece of advice- keep your budget slightly open-ended with a decent breathable room. This will help you squeeze in a few impromptu expenses which you might have to face while travelling. Don’t choke your wishes to live up to a budget, but don’t go overboard too. Happy Travelling!!

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