What to Expect from Playstation 5?

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Recently, Sony came out with the big Sony PlayStation 5 announcement. Although the console is launching in the ‘Holiday 2020’ season, we are already at the edge of our seats.

Let’s have a look PlayStation 5 features that are worth checking out

  • 8K graphics

The PS4 Pro was more or less just an update of the PS4 with some powered-up specifications. However, the PlayStation 5 announcement has revealed that will not be the case with the latest offering. With completely revamped hardware, the Sony Playstation 5 comprises an eight-core CPU based on the AMD third-generation Ryzen built on their latest 7nm Zen 2 process. The GPU is customized and is based on the AMD Radeon Navi hardware. The high-tech hardware means that we will have a PS5 console with ray-tracing graphics for the first time ever. All of this basically comes down to the amazing feature of an 8K resolution. That is, if your TV supports the resolution.

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  • 3D Audio

The new chip by AMD is believed to have a custom unit just for 3D audio. We hope that this elevates the level of immersive gaming on headphones and speakers alike. Imagine a room coming alive with a gaming universe, thanks to the 8K resolution coupled with 3D audio.

  • Controller

The controller has been the most talked-about part of PlayStation 5 hardware. The main announcement in this regard has been an upgrade from the current rumble technology to a newer haptic feedback technology. The new technology comes with a promise of broader range feedback.

Another big reveal has been about adaptive triggers that will go in the primary RL/L2 triggers on the controller. Sony PlayStation has revealed to have given developers the power to program the triggers’ resistance. This means that a gamer will feel an increased tension when they are ready to shoot a bow by pulling it back. You will also have to push with added pressure if, say, you’re driving on rough terrain.

However, the news that has been doing the rounds all began with a patent that Sony had filed for a new controller in Japan. It looked pretty similar to the PlayStation 4 controller. But if you buy a Sony PlayStation 5, you will get a USB Type-C port controller. Though this controller will have a better battery life, it will become heavier due to the large battery along with the haptic motors.

  • SSD

Another important upgrade in the PlayStation 5 hardware is the hard drive making way for an SSD, which will result in an improvement in load time and gameplay that you couldn’t have imagined with the hard drive.

  • User Interface

When you buy a Sony PlayStation 5, you will get a complete overhaul of the user interface. Social features will be displayed in better detail on the PS5 console’s home screen. You can directly launch specific features like single-player or multiplayer without first launching the game and then navigating your way through.

  • Backward Compatibility

Contrary to earlier rumours, the PlayStation 5 is going to be backwards compatible with current PlayStation 4 games. Since both versions have similar architecture, the switch will be easier than that of the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

  • Less energy consumption

This will come as great news to environmentally conscious gamers. The PlayStation 5 comes with an optional power-saving mode, which will consume considerably less power in standby mode than its predecessor.

What to expect from Playstation 5?
Important questions waiting to be answered about the PS5 features

  • Considering that game installation is mandatory, what kind of storage will the PS5 have?
  • Will there be a newer version of the PlayStation VR? (We do know that the existing PSVR will be compatible with the new Sony PlayStation 5)
  • What will the design be like?
  • Most importantly, what will the cost be?

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