10 Easy Steps to Lead A Debt-Free Life

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Debts are surely a burden that can curb your happiness and peace. Clearing your debts can allow you to increase savings and invest money for future expenses like a car or a home. Make a concrete plan today, to break free from the shackles of debt and live a peaceful and prosperous life.

Here are some quick tips that can help you become debt-free now:

  • High debts to be paid off 

When you make a plan to clear your debts, list all of them down with their amount and interest rates. You should begin by clearing the debts with the highest interest first to avoid a further increase in debt.

  • Transfer Your Credit Card Debt 

If you have credit card debt from multiple credit cards, you should consider consolidating this debt through your savings. This will help you keep easy track of debts, thereby ensuring your freedom.

  • Try Lowering Interest Rate 

If you have long term debts like home loans, it is possible that the interest rates have dropped recently. You can opt for a home loan balance transfer to another bank or ask your bank to lower your interest rate.

  • Sell Unnecessary Items for Cash 

You might have a lot of bric-a-brac like old furniture that can be useful for other people. While doing so, you can also sell your old mobile phone handsets for some quick cash to cover your debts.

  • Audit Your Incomes/Expenses

If you have a lot of accumulated debt, there are high chances of a financial burden. You can turn things around by taking account of all your earnings and expenses you incur. By doing so, you can find the root cause of heavy debts and you can plan accordingly. Once you have a clear picture of your income and expenses, set aside an amount for mutual fund investments. A mutual fund can help you create a financial buffer against debt. Mutual funds also give market-linked returns and can help you create a large corpus in the long run. You can invest in mutual funds on Bajaj Markets in an easy and transparent manner. With Bajaj Markets, you directly trade with the mutual fund company, which eliminates the broker and reduces the cost.

  • Formulate a Budget

After listing your income and expenses, you can plan your expenditure efficiently so that you can clear your debts conveniently.

  • Second income as an alternative

In case your current financial income does not prove to be sufficient to cover the current expenses, one can either look for a better alternative, like a salaried individual can opt for a better job with higher pay, etc.

  • Create a Savings Fund

After clearing your large debts, you should consider having a healthy amount of savings in your Savings Account. Also, investment options like Fixed Deposits and Mutual Funds are appropriate for taking care of your long-term goals. Invest in mutual funds on the Bajaj Markets App in a simple and hassle-free process. The app offers transparent pricing, personalised offers and easy financial transaction.

  • Optimize Credit Score

When you start paying your debts, the most important thing is to consistently make payments. Defaulting on your loan or missing your payments can reduce your credit score.

  • Become Stringent

You need to create an efficient financial plan by controlling your expenses. By being thrifty, you are not sacrificing your lifestyle but just ensuring that your future is safe.

Debt can derail your future. To ensure your bright future is not hampered by debt, following these simple yet effective tips can ensure you become debt-free and can focus on the more important aspects of your life – your health, your career and your family. Reduce your debt and simultaneously accumulate wealth by investing in mutual funds through Bajaj Markets.

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