5 Cheaper Headphone Alternatives to Apple Airpods Pro

Posted in EMI Card Blogs By Chanel Rick - Jul 3,2022
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Nothing overwhelms our senses like the urge to own the latest gadgets and devices. Popular brands like Apple have ads floating on various mediums like social media, billboards, etc., making them nearly unavoidable. It showcases people flaunting the sleek styles of the newest iPhone or Apple Airpods Pro. And, you want to be one of them! 

But the age-old problem persists – an “un-budgeable” budget! Watching your favourite celebrities and influencers parade the Airpods Pro earphones can increase the temptation tenfold. Giving in to these impulsive desires might torpedo your finances in a blink of an eye. Instead of daydreaming about them, how about buying high-quality and affordable earphones? They are trendy and provide an immersive experience – without breaking the bank! 

Before visiting the nearest store or searching for earphones online, learn the right ways to choose an earphone. While making the decision, use the following pointers. 

●    Design: Pick the right fit to wear comfortably for long hours 

●    Features: Choose a pair of earphones that offer features that are relevant to you 

●    Durability: Certain earphones are prone to damage after a fall or have weak wires

●    Battery Life: Purchase wireless earphones with battery capacities that can last for hours in between charge

●    Sound Quality: Ensure the quality is rich and balanced 

●    Mic: Look for an Active Noise Cancellation feature will provide seamless audio-mic quality 

With these tips, you can avoid purchasing earphones that do not suit your needs! Whether it’s wireless or wired earphones, ensure that they adhere to some of the criteria. 

5 Budget-Friendly Apple Airpod Pro Alternatives

While browsing through sites, you might have noticed a problem – too many alternatives and dupes exist in the market! To make the shopping experience easier, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 affordable Airpod Pro alternatives. 

1. Aiwa Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (AT-X80FANC)

Top Features: 

● Mono sound 

● Active noise cancellation

● Extended playtime 

● Built-in microphone 

● Ideal for entertainment

Price: ₹ 4,868

It’s the ideal budget-inclusive earphone for users who prefer high-quality products without excessively spending. The wireless buds snuggly fit into your ears, lowering the risks of falling out. These earphones come with ultra-fast pairing and the latest Bluetooth technology. 

2. JBL Endurance Peak IPX7 Waterproof True Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones 

Top Features: 

● Pure bass sound

● Active Noise Cancellation 

● High battery life 

● Touch-enabled 

Price: ₹ 5,999

One of the most coveted brands for earphones and music systems, it’s perfect for those who prefer to purchase high-end and premium products. The wireless audio runs for up to 28 hours with a battery that charges to full capacity in 2 hours. It’s waterproof built and perfect for monsoons or a sweaty workout. 

3. LG Tone Free FN5 Bluetooth Wireless In-the-Ear 

Top Features: 

● Noise isolation 

● Bacteria-free

● Prestigious British meridian sound 

● Dual mics

● IPX4 water-resistance

Price: ₹ 9,093

If you prefer earphones that offer a completely immersive music experience, consider purchasing these LG buds! Its ambient sound paired with a medical-grade ear gel allows you to listen to music without any discomfort or pain. The UVnano features ensure up to 99.9% bacteria-free buds. 

4. Skullcandy Indy Evo Truly Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds with Mic

Top Features: 

● 6 hours of playback 

● Case with 24 hours of recharging capacity

● Rapid charge 

● IP55 sweat, water and dust resistant buds 

Price: ₹ 5,999

Known for their eye-catching colour range and iconic designs, Skullcandy earphones provide users with a rich experience. Its case and bud together can hold up to 30 hours of charging – no more panic-stricken charger hunts! The rapid charge feature can provide 2 hours’ worth of battery with just 10 minutes of charging. 

5. Samsung SM-R190NKAINU Bluetooth In-the-Ear 

Top Features: 

● 2-way speakers with AKG 

● 360 audio available 

● 3-mic system 

Price: ₹ 9,990

Whether a frequent commuter or want to tune out the noise, these wireless earphones by Samsung are up for the job! The intelligent ANC allows switching between noise cancellation and adjustable ambient sound to create a fully audio-immersed environment. Capable of filtering up to 99% of background noise, the mic monitors noises in real-time. 

Do you feel the urge to splurge? Use this nifty list of the best affordable Airpods Pro alternative earphones and shop for the ideal buds for yourself! And, if you want to explore more than just earphones, head over to Bajaj MARKETS – we have everything you’re looking for. 

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