5 Home Theatres for the Ideal Home Entertainment Set-Up

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Aren’t aspirations of having a home that houses every convenience imaginable a commonly shared dream? Countless rooms with aesthetic designs and filled with luxury – we desire to furnish those rooms with amenities that offer all the comfort in the world. They could serve the purpose of home offices, personal libraries, well-equipped gyms, or a state-of-the-art home theatre. You might have seen in its movies – a mini theatre with leather recliners, a massive screen and an immersive ambience.

Turning these fantasies into realities is herculean. It requires considerable financial flexibility, technical knowledge and time-related bandwidth. Taking on such a big commitment without considerable planning could rock your finances.

However, your dream of relaxing or lounging in front of a surround-sound system isn’t surreal! An easier way to achieve this goal is to opt for home theatres that require a simple installation. It will eliminate the lengthy DIY process, and you will have a mini theatre in no time! Moreover, there will be minimal clutter of extra cable and boxes. And, you don’t need to bother with extensive furniture re-arrangements either!

Top 5 High-Quality Home Theatres

While creating your dream home theatre set-up, learn the different specifications of the product. Ensure that those details and features match your preferences to get the best of this purchase. Furthermore, avoid letting the fear of a limited budget throw you off! The following products cater to various budgets without any compromise on sound quality.

Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theatre

Price: ₹17,991

Features – 

  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Sound modes
  • 5.1ch real surround sound
  • USB audio playback

Built with Dolby audio, it provides high-quality surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels. Its rear speakers and external subwoofer create a 3 channel soundbar to deliver cinematic and immersive audio. Use the Bluetooth feature to connect with your music or video devices for seamless audio.

Enjoy an immersive music experience with the Sony 5.1 ch home theatre. Its high 400W power output keeps you in the heart of the action with crisp audio and premium sound quality. Switch between different sound modes to enhance the music or audio, including Auto, Standard and Cinema. Also, it has options to choose between night and voice modes.

F&D F7700X 80W Stereo Channel Bluetooth Home Theatre 

Price: ₹8,999

Features – 

  • Supports Bluetooth Ver. 5
  • Wireless
  • Multi-colour DJ lights
  • Optical features

The F&D Bluetooth home theatre converts your home into a dance floor with DJ lights that change with every music beat. Its powerful speakers play music with heavy bass to enhance its quality. This multimedia speaker system has a powerful subwoofer that fills the room with intense music.

Transform the room into a disco with the F&D home theatre multi-coloured party lights that makes the atmosphere groovy! The double subwoofers enhance the output sound, adding extra depth to the audio. With the DJ lights and optical features, your guests can enjoy playful dance-offs to their favourite tunes.

Samsung 2.0 Channel Subwoofer Home Theatre System 

Price: ₹12,897

Features – 

  • Bass Booster
  • Karaoke Mode
  • Bi-Directional Sound
  • Built-in Woofer
  • Water resistance
  • Bluetooth

Made with high-power bass boosted and powered with 1500 watts, the Samsung home theatre is comparatively compact, unlike others. Its compact dimensions provide seamless music throughout the room with its bi-directional build. The home theatre also comes with mood music that matches the pace of the music or audio played.

Without much space to spare, this Samsung home theatre can fulfil your desire of owning a high-quality music system without the additional clutter. You can set it up wall-to-wall and experience music echo throughout the room. Its light modes include Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt and Star.

Matata 30 W Bluetooth Home Theatre

Price: ₹4,500

Features – 

  • Modern remote control
  • USB/AUX speaker connectivity
  • 30W audio
  • LED Display
  • Wooden Subwoofer

The Matata home theatre has a 5.1 channel speaker system. Its LED display adds to its elegant and simple appearance. The connectivity options extend to USB, Bluetooth, FM and AUX.

Matata’s home theatre ensures you have a smooth listening experience without the annoyance of dealing with unclear or interrupted music. The remote control allows you to operate the music system from a distance. This home theatre is ideal for parties and other occasions that demand great music!

Philips 2.1 Channel Home Theatre 

Price: ₹6,990

Features – 

  • Wireless
  • USB connectivity
  • Floor standing type

The sleek and sturdy design of the Philips home theatre adds an air of class to its designation. It’s a versatile soundbar that you can place horizontally or vertically. Aside from wireless options like Bluetooth, choose from other inputs like USB, audio-in, 2RCA to 2RCA cable or SD card input.

Philip’s home theatre falls well-within most budgets and serves the purpose of providing multiple features for a mid-range product. This multi-media speaker system is compatible with computers, gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. It has a remote control for easy access.

So, are you ready to transform your living space into a dance floor? You can enjoy enhanced music via these wired or wireless speakers! Regardless of the range in their prices, all of the above home theatres provide an immersive listening experience.

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