Consider These Pocket Insurance Plans If You are Travelling

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Prabhat Singh-Jun 3,2022
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Halfway through 2022, the temptation to book a weekend getaway or an elaborate vacation might entice you. But wait – planning your holiday hastily is the ideal recipe for disaster. Remember? Vacation disasters are more than just forgetting to pack extra clothes or towels! You might lose your baggage, get pickpocketed, encounter a vehicle breakdown, etc. 

Fortunately, purchasing a bite-sized insurance plan is just as easy as booking flight or train tickets! These policies secure various aspects of your trip to ensure you receive financial backup, in case of an emergency. We have rounded the ideal pocket insurance policies for potential travel disasters. 

1. Baggage Insurance 

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like losing your baggage! Luckily, baggage insurance was specifically designed to deal with such situations. At the cost of ₹599 (premium), this policy offers you coverage up to ₹50,000. 

The policy includes:  

  1. Coverage against theft and burglary  
  2. Protection for loss or damage caused by fire, riot, or strike  
  3. Coverage for family members  

The policy excludes:  

  1. Coverage for fragile materials  
  2. Protection for jewellery and other valuables  
  3. Damage during maintenance  
  4. Coverage for any damage in transit  

2. Domestic Holiday Cover  

The ideal circumstance for a rejuvenating vacation contains zero hassles and budget-friendly deals! Though, an unforeseeable crisis could threaten that delicate balance. With this small-ticket insurance plan, you can avail coverage of up to ₹ 3 Lakhs for ₹ 699 p.a. It will cover expenses caused by loss of wallet/purse or accidents. 

 The policy includes:  

  1. Provides emergency travel assistance  
  2. In case your car breaks down, get roadside assistance  
  3. Complementary protection against accidents, hospitalisation, home burglary etc. 
  4. Card blocking 24/7 services  

The policy excludes  

  1. Coverage for valuables lost under the influence of intoxication  
  2. Coverage for damage to the vehicle that had violated the traffic rules 

3. Road Trip Cover 

While en route to your destination, a road trip might spruce up your holiday itinerary! However, speeding cars on expressways pose fodder for events like brake failures. To reduce the monetary brunt of a sudden accident-caused expense, opt for road-trip cover! For just ₹ 599, you can avail coverage of up to ₹ 3 Lakhs. 

 The plan includes:  

  1. Coverage for roadside assistance  
  2. Assistance for emergency travel and hotel  
  3. Single call card blocking  
  4. Complementary accident and medical protection  

The plan excludes:   

  1. Coverage for valuables lost under the influence of intoxicants  
  2. Protection for any damage caused to traffic rules violated vehicles  

4. Winter Trek Cover 

Snow-clad mountains, icy cold temperatures, and snowballs – who doesn’t enjoy the sound of this? It also means dealing with slippery slopes, rough terrains, and accident-prone areas! Prepare for a sudden emergency in advance with Winter Trek Cover. Get a sum insured of up to ₹ 1.5 Lakhs with a minimum fee of ₹ 699 p.a.

The plan includes:  

  1. Protection for your lost cards  
  2. Free replacement for lost PAN card  
  3. Temporary mobile replacement  
  4. Complimentary protection from accident  

The plan excludes:  

  1. Coverage for lost or damaged baggage  
  2. Protection for lost valuables under the intoxicant influence  

5. Solo Traveller Cover 

This 2022, explore your inner self by taking a solo trip to domestic or international locations! Though, your “Eat, Pray & Love” moment might be exposed to certain risks specific to solo travellers. With Solo Traveller Cover, you are never alone – and in case of an emergency, you can avail coverage of up to ₹ 3 Lakhs for ₹ 699. 

 The plan includes:  

  1. Single call card blocking services  
  2. Coverage for roadside assistance  
  3. Complimentary protection from accident  

The plan excludes:  

  1. Coverage for traffic rules violated vehicles  
  2. Lost valuables in a state of intoxication  

Whether you are booking mid-year spontaneous vacations or pre-planning winter holidays, it is crucial to take adequate precautionary measures. For the sake of adventurous thrills, don’t forego your safety – or financial security! Browse through a wide range of pocket insurances to find ones that best apply to you. Simple bite-sized insurance policies could save you from spending thousands on unpredictable expenses! 

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