Getting Married? Think of These 'Small-Ticket' Insurances for Your Wedding

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-Jun 8,2022
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The big fat Indian wedding – comprises elements like drama, suspense and unforeseen accidents! After months (sometimes even years!) of planning, the anticipation finally ends once the big day arrives. The wedding scenario is chaotic without taking precautions for unpredictable fiascos. 

A diverse population calls for equally vivid and traditional weddings! Every year, lakhs of weddings are held in India, spread across regions, races and religions. Whether a wedding attendee, planner, or the bride/groom, remember to safeguard certain aspects of this occasion. While wedding disasters are a funny 2-min read, they could wreck memorable moments! 

A ruined designer lehenga or wedding gown could topple your plans, but certain complications could pose risks. Brace yourself, wedding planners! Here are a few common yet dreadful wedding-day mishaps. 

●    Road Accidents: On route to the wedding venue, you might fall prey to the temptation of overspeeding to make it on time – ideal fodder for accidental collisions!

●    Overzealous Dancers: Wedding dancefloors are notorious for luring unsuspecting and overenthusiastic dancers to bust a move and break a bone instead! 

●    Catering Cancellations: A last-minute cancellation is all it takes to rile the hungry rumbles of tired guests and bridal/groom parties! 

●    Lost Belongings: Amid dance-offs or buffet breaks, your unattended belongings are vulnerable to sly guests or staff members  

●    Terrible Weather: When caught in monsoons or snow-ins, wedding-goers are prone to accidents caused by slick and slippery roads! 

While hosting an exorbitant or budget-friendly wedding, avoid incurring any unpredictable expenses caused by accidents. Consider purchasing pocket insurances to cover crucial aspects of the occasions – a small sum for big savings and sizeable coverage! 

What are Pocket Insurances? 

These bite-sized insurance plans cover everyday items, lifestyle activities and travel plans. For a low premium, you can easily insure items like wristwatches, phones, purses/wallets, etc. With a wide range of scenarios covered, pocket insurances offer you financial and medical coverage with an adequate sum insured. 

Fortunately, these plans have fewer prerequisites, making it easier to avail of insurance covers for your daily essentials. It means you can insure yourself and your dependants against unfortunate circumstances. As a wedding guest or the bride/groom, remember to safeguard your best interests. 

4 Small Ticket Insurances for Wedding Disasters 

Grand weddings are more likely to encounter certain disastrous events. Consider purchasing one of the many pocket insurance plans listed below before attending your next wedding. Or, perhaps, hosting one this year! 

1.  Firecracker Insurance 

Without proper supervision, attendants are at risk of painful injuries caused by faulty products. Firecracker insurance offers a sum insured of ₹ 2 lakhs to victims for immediately seeking healthcare facilities. 

Premium: ₹ 549 

Eligibility Age: 18-70 years 

2.  Handbag Insurance 

While dazzling the dancefloor over “Desi Girl”, your designer handbag is vulnerable to theft! By purchasing handbag insurance, avail coverage for your luxury bag and the valuables within. Can’t find your cash? The plan provides you with emergency cash flow for travel and hotel bookings. 

Premium: ₹ 199

Eligibility: Bags less than one-year-old 

Tip: Opt for Wallet Insurance to block all your payment cards at once or replace your PAN card without additional charges. 

3.  Accident-EMI Protection-Single EMI 

Host or attendant, we all have some EMIs pending to pay off! Prevent unforeseen accidents from impeding ongoing loan repayments by opting for accident EMI protection. In post-accident recovery, it will ensure your loan repayment remains uninterrupted. 

Premium: Starting at ₹ 24 

Exclusion: Accidents caused by adventure sports/activities 

4.  Dance Accident Insurance 

Wedding dancefloors have witnessed their share of aunts and uncles busting a move – or hip! Instead of limiting their fun, purchase dance accident insurance for maximum coverage worth ₹ 2 lakhs. Additionally, the plan covers injuries caused by accidents when dancing! 

Premium: ₹ 349

On sentimental days like these, accidents could cause financial constraints, or improper medical assistance may dampen the wedding mood. Continue upholding traditions, albeit with modern twists, with small ticket insurances for quick, hassle-free fiscal support!

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