Here is How You Can Insure Your WFH Setup

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Prabhat Singh-Jun 25,2022
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Work from home has become an element of the modern industry, especially after the pandemic. Many companies are yet to open their offices and are still allowing employees to work from home.

While working from home has various benefits, it also has some challenges, and it is essential to balance both. Also, WFH means regular usage of the internet, which allows systems to fall prey to cyber fraud. The sensitivity of this makes it vital for your cyber security. Also, it becomes crucial to ensure the safety of your devices like home inverters, electric stationery, and tablet devices. Or else the repairing can cost you thousands of rupees.

Consider taking these noteworthy pocket insurance policies for financially protecting your WFH set-up

Cyber Security Cover 

Secure yourself financially against online activities like phishing or unauthorised transactions with a cyber security cover. While working from home, the internet plays a crucial role which in turn exposes our privacy to various other sites. To avoid any monetary crisis and payment-related frauds, taking a Cyber Security Cover, available at an annual premium of ₹299, can help you safeguard yourself. The extensive plan offers coverage of up to ₹2 lakhs against cyber attacks, phishing via email or telephone, and SIM jacking. 

Data Recovery Cover 

Nowadays, the amount of sensitive data your laptop or mobile holds is immense, and a ransomware attack on the device can breach your privacy, resulting in the loss of the data. It is not an unknown fact that retrieving data is expensive. To avoid any monetary loss, taking a Data Recovery Cover, could help you protect your finances. The plan is available at an annual premium of just ₹ 85 and offers data recovery benefits without any additional costs. 

Handheld Tablet Device Insurance 

A handheld tablet is a comprehensive device capable of performing both professional and personal tasks. With the device, you can access your emails for official purposes, play games and watch movies for fun and entertainment. The device has numerous benefits and thus comes with an expensive price tag. Any damage caused will cost you more than thousands of rupees. You can protect your device with the Handheld Tablet Device Insurance, available at an annual premium of ₹ 599. The plan offers coverage of up to ₹ 50,000 against fire, accidental damage etc. 

Small Gadgets Insurance 

Today, our life revolves around an array of gadgets, from vacuum cleaners to Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras to digital clocks, and headphones to power banks. With the extensive dependency on these gadgets, even a single breakdown can disrupt our routines. Securing these devices with the Small Gadgets Insurance available at an annual premium price of ₹ 399 provides coverage of up to ₹ 10,000 against mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, and special perils. 

Laptop Charger Insurance

The laptop is probably the most vital asset for working professionals. The amount of data it stores, and crucial official documents make your life easy. For its seamless performance and connectivity, the charger is its life. There have been many cases where laptops got damaged because of a fault in the charger. Securing it with the Laptop Charger Insurance, available at an annual premium of just ₹ 399, can prove highly helpful. The plan offers coverage of up to ₹ 10,000 against burglary, accidental damage, mechanical breakdown etc.   

Home Inverter Insurance 

For a hassle-free work-from-home experience, you need a constant supply of power; making a home inverter an essential product. However, with time, due to the wear and tear of a capacitor, the probability of damage increases. Additionally, it is pretty expensive to rectify and resolve the issue. You can secure your inverter with a Home Inverter Insurance available at an annual premium of just ₹ 249. The plan offers coverage of up to ₹ 25,000. 

These days working from home has become a new norm. Therefore, it is vital to secure your data, insure your devices, and everything involved. Otherwise, device failure can hinder your productivity and can cause financial distress.

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