Here is Why ACs Will Cost You More Now

Posted in EMI Card Blogs By Prabhat Singh - Jul 5,2022
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While buying a new AC this season, you might notice an increase in its prices. Yes, you read it right! Also, your 5-star AC is now a 4-star one. With the recent turn of events, it’s obvious to ask what this new change is and why was it introduced.

The reason behind this is the notification released by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), which enhances the new energy rating rules. The rule will be applicable from 1st July.

As a result of this new rating rule, the prices of new air conditioners will probably shoot up by 7% – 10%.

What is the New Energy Rating Rule? 

According to new norms, the enhanced energy criteria will lower the star ratings for existing ACs. A 5-star rating AC will now be a 4-star, and so on. Before we go any further, let’s answer a more pertinent question – why do these energy ratings change frequently?

We are all aware that ACs use chemical coolants for cooling, resulting in a high volume of carbon footprint annually. And so, every few years, the BEE changes the rating so that the manufacturers make better, less power-consuming and more energy-efficient air conditioners. It is a distinct way of moving towards low carbon emissions.

Furthermore, authorities have stated that the new energy rating is only applicable till 31st December 2024.

What is a Star Rating? 

Star ratings are an energy efficiency indicator used by manufacturers to depict the same information to customers in an easier way. It generally starts from 1 and goes up to 5. The more star rating an air conditioner has, the more energy-efficient it is. It also indicates how much power your machine consumes.

To understand this more easily about the rating, you need to understand what EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio is.

The ratio of cooling capacity in BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour to power inputs (in watts) gives you the EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio. In India, EER is used as the standard rating system by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

What if there is no Star Rating? 

Taking ACs without star ratings is not illegal. It simply indicates that the machine does not have BEE approval. So, you cannot identify the actual efficiency of your AC. It could very well affect your monthly utility bills as it is almost certain that the machine will consume more power, resulting in increased electricity bills.

How Does it Affect the Pricing? 

A higher energy efficiency ratio means low power consumption, which increases the cost of production. Thus, a 5-star air conditioner, when compared with a 3-star air conditioner, consumes 28% less energy (according to Haier). It implies that if a 3-star air conditioner of 1 ton consumes 732 Watts, a 5-star AC will consume only 592 Watts.

Ultimately, shelling out a few extra bucks is better for the long run. Not only will your AC consume less electricity, which means less monthly electricity bill, but the carbon emission is also low, which is a small step toward reducing your carbon footprint.

The new star rating rule is all set to disrupt the existing energy ratings, which will increase the prices of your new AC while making them more energy-efficient. So, if you do not want to miss out, you can buy a new machine today or else invest in the future for a better future.

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