5 Tips on How To Change Bike Engine Oil

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There are few thrills in life that match the experience of riding a motorbike. But it is important to remember that motorbikes need to be maintained too. An important aspect of keeping your bike functional and running smoothly, is the process of changing the motor oil in its engine on a regular basis. Without regular changing of the motor oil, the engine can become overheated, friction between its various components can increase and its overall performance can suffer. So, as a bike owner, one must make sure to maintain an efficient bike oil change frequency.

There is also another way to ensure your precious bike remains protected from external factors. With a convenient bike insurance, such as the one found on Bajaj Markets, your bike can be protected against any unfortunate incidents such as damage, theft, loss and natural disasters.

How to change the oil in a motorbike

Here are the essential steps you need to follow when changing the motor oil in your bike:

Prepare for the process:

As with any process, the first step is to gather the many things you will need to change your bike oil. These include the new engine oil, a new oil filter, a drain pan, a set of basic tools, a measuring beaker, a funnel and some spare rags for cleaning up. You must also include in this list the service manual that comes with your bike. Each manual contains the specific type and quantity of oil required as well as points about its bike oil change frequency.
Before the next step, make sure to keep your bike on the centre stand. This makes the bike engine easier to reach and ensures the motorbike’s stability.


Tips to Consider While Changing Bike Oil


Disposal of the used oil:

The next step is to get rid of the used oil by draining it carefully onto a drain pan. The valves from which the bike oil is to be drained is located differently on different models, so make sure to locate yours beforehand. Remove the drain bolt with a wrench and allow the used oil to run out. Tilt the motorbike at a 45 degree angle and hold it for a couple of minutes. Keep repeating this process until you can be certain that the used oil has been completely drained.

Replace with new oil filter:

When you remove the old oil filter, make sure to be careful since there can be oil spillage in the process. Before replacing it, make sure to rub a small amount of the new oil on the new oil filter. This will ensure that it slides into the engine smoothly and will be easily removed during the next oil filter change. Screw on the new oil filter preferably by hand, making sure not to over-tighten it.

It is recommended to time your oil filter change with your bike oil change frequency, but replacing it with every second oil change is acceptable as well.

Pour the new engine oil:

Refer to the service manual that accompanied your bike and measure out the specific amount of bike oil needed in a beaker. Open the screw for engine oil valve and place a funnel to aid the flow of the oil. Then, pour the fresh, measured out oil into the engine. Start the engine without revving and allow the new oil to get circulated.

With this step, you complete the process of changing the oil in your bike successfully. Now, all that remains is to protect your bike from any external threats such as natural disasters or man-made disasters such as theft. That is where the bike insurance available on Bajaj Markets comes in handy. The plan also covers for third party legal liabilities as well as repair and replacement expenses.

Final touches:

After the process, there are just a few important things to wrap up. Make sure that there are no leakages around, and check all the screws to confirm that they are tightened and unlikely to leak. With the spare rags, wipe any remaining oil from the surface of the bike.

An important part of the oil change process is to dispose of the used oil properly. Keep in mind that this waste oil can be incredibly hazardous for the environment and thus should not be flushed, thrown in the trash or poured down the drain. You can take it to a municipal recycling facility or to an auto parts store.

Bike owners tend to carry around a pride in their valuable vehicles. Which is why they are often not afraid to get their hands dirty if it means maintaining these bikes in their best shape. Hopefully, with this guide, you will find changing the motor oil in your precious bike easier and more convenient. You are certain to find the bike in excellent shape after every oil change.

But of course, while the oil change guarantees better performance, it does not guarantee protection from external factors. That is why bike owners are quick to avail bike insurance through a platform like on Bajaj Markets that has a network of 4000 cashless garages In cases such as theft, loss of bike, or disasters such as earthquakes and floods, you bike is sure to be covered. What’s more, you receive coverage for any third-party damage and can also avail personal accident cover for yourself and your pillion.

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