5 Ideas for Your Quarantine Birthday

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Bajaj Markets-May 27,2020
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Your birthday is that one day dedicated solely to you! Whether you are a person who hates to make a big deal out of their birthday, or you remind everybody of it 60 days in advance, birthdays are special for everyone. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, be it through a huge birthday bash with friends, an exotic dinner with loved ones, or through a relaxing weekend trip to your favourite vacation spot. However, for those who are celebrating their birthdays in these trying time, while we all keep ourselves safe at home, these options may be hard to come by.

Due to 2020 pandemic, we are all required to remain in a state of lockdown, but this not have to make you compromise on your birthday celebrations. Just because you can’t step out of your house, doesn’t mean you can’t make your birthday count. Here are some fruitful ways to celebrate if you are in lockdown on your birthday.

1. Bake Yourself a Cake 

A birthday cake plays a crucial role in a birthday celebration. During your quarantine phase, receiving a cake through a bakery may not be possible. However, you can easily find all essential ingredients required to bake a cake for yourself and enjoy it with your family at home.   You can easily find many online recipes for your favourite types of cake and flavours. Baking a cake makes for an enjoyable experience, enough to match up to your expectations otherwise.

2. Secure Your Family’s Future 

Before lockdown, we were all busy, and were working hard to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for our loved ones. It was easy to be distracted by daily stressors and not focus on the security of our loved ones. Luckily, we have the opportunity to reflect on our financial future, right now! One of the best things to do on our birthday is to give your loved ones a return gift for all that they do for you. You can begin doing this by ensuring the security of your loved ones as well as the future of the people you care about the most. The ideal time to purchase a life insurance is now, as your premium grows with each passing year. You have the comfort of going through a variety of plans available online on platforms like Finserv MARKETS that offer bespoke term life insurance plans. You can easily compare different plans to choose the one best suited to you needs.

3. Have a Video chat Party 

Simply because you cannot meet your friends in person, doesn’t mean you cannot see them at all. There are a slew of video apps at your disposal that can help you connect with your close friends over video chat. You can easily get all your friends together on your birthday through a video call and enjoy spending time interacting with them. Hence, there is no need to miss your friends on your best day.

4. Bring home, the comfort of a vacation  

You can bring the comfort of a vacation to your bedroom by picking movies, making some popcorn and settling down with your loved ones to enjoy the flick.  There are a host of streaming services available that can make your quarantine enjoyable. You can easily try some of your favourite recipes by trying your hand at cooking. You can join virtual classes that teach you new skills from becoming proficient in web design to learning the German language. This way you can simulate the experience of vacationing on your birthday at home.

5. Stay resilient and Prepare for Your Next Birthday  

If all else fails, you should try to stay resilient and focus on what you are grateful for this year. This phase of lockdown will pass. Remain positive and have faith that this phase will end soon. Create a list of wishes that you would like to fulfil by your next birthday. The range of things is endless, from buying a bike to learning a new skill, but you should list these needs down and begin pursuing them. You can easily grow the finances to buy the skills, things, or experiences you are wishing for.  Through a few clicks online, you can finally start that fixed deposit, or invest through an SIP in a growth mutual fund. There are all kinds of financial plans available to you online, which can help you find what is suited to your needs. Just visit Finserv MARKETS, browse through the various financial plans like term insurance plans and group term life insurance plans, get one for yourself, and you’re done.

So, if your birthday is around, we wish you a very healthy and happy birthday. Stay optimistic and have faith that this phase shall pass.

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