How to Make your Family's Health a Priority

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-May 13,2022
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To impart and instil values into your family’s lifestyle fall under the duties of the primary figures in the household. As children, these roles are taken up by our parents or guardians. They taught us important lessons and habits that remain in our behaviours and daily routines. With many nurturing families of our own today, bring back these traditional values – starting with family health. 

Usually, our parents or guardians would oversee our eating habits, ensuring they consist of a healthy diet with a decent balance of exercise. While seemingly cumbersome, these traditional values can solve modern problems like childhood obesity. Furthermore, it can tackle issues like social media dependency and promote family wellness instead. 

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3 Reasons why Families must Practice Healthy Habits 

Regardless of age, gender or physical abilities, everyone within the family can benefit from these practices. Whether it’s for the youngest or oldest family member, healthy habits can protect your family from the following conditions. 

1. Increased Stress and Mood Swings 

In a fast-paced world, stress and mood swings are part of daily life. Many families fall apart due to quarrels and growing irritability, but this can be cured with regular physical activities. Most gym-goers would agree that every hour of exercise releases more endorphins (a.k.a. Happy Hormones).

2. Obesity and Lethargy 

With most adults and children glued to the glowy screens of laptops, phones and tablets, gaining excess weight seems almost unavoidable. The lack of activity and increasing reliance on take-out food has led to obesity within families. Since children tend to pick up habits from their parents and guardians, lead by action and promote healthy eating practices. 

3. Shorter Lifespans 

Aside from low energy levels and an increased BMI, your family’s poor health choices will reflect a shorter lifespan. Studies have proven that infrequent exercise can lead to premature deaths. Save your loved ones from these health conditions and cultivate the habits to avoid such devastating ends. 

Your inaction could be silently contributing to your family’s ill-health! Step up and take the right actions to rectify the damages of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Family Goals: 5 Ways to Become Healthier 

Revise your approach towards healthy eating and exercising habits by helping the whole family engage in activities. Use the following tips to cultivate habits that could aid in a healthier and fitter lifestyle. 

1. Set (Realistic) Health Goals 

Don’t get carried away by ultra-fit and glamorised versions of certain families on social media. Based on the current health requirements of your family, create health goals that prioritise a better diet with frequent exercise. Children can enjoy extracurricular activities like sports, and adults could opt for yoga, gymming, etc. 

2. Fun Fitness Challenges 

The mention of exercising might receive some resistance at first; avoid that by introducing fitness with fun! Create exciting challenges like mini-contests for push-ups and marathons, or make your own obstacle racecourse. Track your family’s performance with a progress chart and assign them goals and prizes. 

3. Learn to Control Portions 

Some parents or guardians may be unknowingly overindulging children by letting them consume food in excess. While leading by example, offer them healthy foods like fruits and vegetables – but don’t force them to eat! Forcefully making children eat could lead to other health problems like eating disorders. 

4. Regular Health Check-ups 

Many health conditions often go undiagnosed due to infrequent healthcare visits to doctors. Despite your attempts to track your family’s health status, a proper check-up is crucial in identifying any underlying health problem. Sometimes, sudden weight gain or loss, stress and depression are symptoms of serious diseases/disorders. 

5. Fix Your Sleep Schedules 

While staying up late and binging on movies and snacks are fun activities, they’ve devastating results in the long run. Create a timetable for sleep time that gives family members enough time for entertainment without compromising on a goodnight’s rest. 

Congratulations! You’re taking the correct measures to secure your family’s health. Remember, as a primary figure in the household, it’s crucial to oversee the health of your loved ones!

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