How to Pick the Right Sized TV for Your Room

Posted in EMI Card Blogs By Chanel Rick - Jul 9,2022
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A sudden windfall carries in a host of opportunities for new big-ticket investments. Whether your appraisal fetched a fancy bonus or you won a lottery, there are tons of things you could spoil yourself with. So, why not choose the latest smart TV available in the market? You could enjoy movie marathons or connect them to gaming consoles. 

But, wait! Purchasing a brand-new TV isn’t that easy. Their sleek designs and built-in features could persuade the most minimalist shoppers. Swayed by their attractive looks, you could forget an important detail – “will the TV suit your room?”. If uncertain, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. An awkwardly placed TV could displace the aesthetics of your room or house. 

Shopping for the Ideal TV: The Don’ts 

Before rushing out to the nearest store, take a moment to sit down and look around the room. Depending on the area or room, you must measure the space available and purchase a TV that fits the criteria. That way, your newest acquisition won’t oddly stick out.

Speaking of don’ts, here are a few more mistakes to avoid while shopping for a TV. 

● Short-sighted decision to purchase an older model 

● Solely relying on salespersons for unbiased information 

● Buying a TV that has less than four HDMI ports 

● Not checking the refresh rate 

● Purchasing a TV with less than 4K resolution 

By avoiding these mistakes, your investment remains free of regrets! However, that’s not all you must bear in mind. As mentioned earlier, dimensions play a crucial role in this purchase. Figure out how you would like to display the TV – should it be wall-mounted or set on an entertainment unit? 

6 Methods for Picking the Right Sized TV

Are you sploit for choices or confused by the sheer number of them? It’s okay! It is a major expense and one that you need to make count. To make the process easier, we have narrowed it down to the following simple methods. 

1. Seat to TV Distance 

Measure the viewing distance between your seating arrangement and the preferred TV-display area. It’s useful to assess the perfect TV size for your room. Use a measuring tape to calculate the distance. Typically, on average, most people sit about 9 feet away from the TV. 

2. Estimate the Maximum TV Size 

To limit the options while shopping, estimate the maximum TV size appropriate for your room. It will help you avoid massive TVs that may not provide the best viewing experience. Calculate the maximum size by multiplying the viewing distance (9 feet or 108 inches) with 0.667 (108 x 0.667 = 72). 

3. Check Viewing Range 

Once you pick a TV size, multiply it by 2 to estimate whether it’s within your viewing range. While the results aren’t entirely accurate, they give you a rough idea of which TV size works best for your room. Also, it depends on other factors like the room’s layout or your budget. Improve the viewing experience by switching to the next closest TV size, if required. 

4. Decrease Viewing Distance 

If the content is made specifically for 4K TVs, the overall picture quality will ensure an enjoyable viewing experience. Bring your seating arrangement closer to make-up for limited room space without seeing the pixels. Remember, 4K TVs must be viewed up-close and not from a distance. 

5. Measure Mounts or Stands 

Decide whether you could like to mount or set up the TV on a stand in advance. Ensure the support is big and strong enough to hold the TV of your choice. Opt for wall mounts that place the T one foot from the wall. Avoid using bulky support that could limit your placement options or obstruct the view.

Furthermore, some entertainment units tend to extend further and may require a smaller TV to compensate. 

6. Count the Number of Seats 

Pick a TV size based on the number of seats placed in front of the TV. A big TV can adjust a larger group of people, giving them a decent viewing experience. On the other hand, a smaller TV is suitable for individuals or families. Make sure that the space in front of the TV can accommodate all the people in the room. 

Armed with these TV-shopping tips, you can easily purchase the perfect TV for yourself or your family. Go ahead and splurge, or wait for the next big sale – head over to Bajaj MARKETS for the best offers on appliances! 

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