How Vivo Cracked the "More for Less" Code in the Smartphone Market

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For smartphone buyers, phones should offer value for money with a range of top-notch features and specifications. So smartphone manufacturers offer handsets that are a lot like jacks of all trades. Consumers can now easily get an affordable phone offering a little of everything to a decent capacity. Manufacturers do this by offering “more for less” strategy. But not all manufacturers have cracked that code.

Except for Vivo Store that has offered a fantastic range of features for every single Vivo smartphone released in the Indian smartphone market.  It’s a global smartphone manufacturer with over 200 million users worldwide and has become one of the top 10 largest smartphone companies in the world. Vivo has cracked the “more for less” code in the smartphone market by playing the specifications game really well. They have consistently continued its push into the online space with lower-priced models. Every new little feature that you get for your money matters to them.

The company achieves that by merely innovating their new release in every way possible. Vivo states that innovation remains at the heart of its brand. To Vivo, innovation is bringing unique novel technology to the global smartphone market while keeping Vivo phone prices budget-friendly. Every innovation a new Vivo smartphone release brings will quickly become the industry standard. They aim to create smartphones that are both stylish and provide ground-breaking technologies.

Leading Design Revolution in the Smartphone Market

Smartphone innovation was always monopolized by big brands like Apple and Samsung in the tech industry. But Vivo is discreetly directing the design revolution in smartphones.

The Vivo smartphones took the lead in the revolution when they offered innovations. First, Vivo added fingerprint readers below the V11 Pro display for a Vivo phone price of under Rs. 30,000. Second, they removed the bottom bezel for a larger immersive screen. The Vivo store boasts smartphones with a number of firsts: dedicated Hi-Fi audio chips, the thinnest phone with a 2K screen, and high-resolution 24-megapixel front camera (while other smartphone manufacturers were satisfied with low-resolution selfies for their users). It also brought the pop-up camera concept to smartphone masses with their V15 Pro.

The Latest of Vivo’s Innovations Becoming Industry Standards

In 2018, Vivo’s innovation was eluding smartphone manufacturers globally. Their Nex series boasted a bezel-less display without a notch. Nex was not just a little different but completely new. It had a design that realized future needs and redefined smartphone display standards, completely changing the future of smartphones. Take the Ultra FullView Display for example. This is what Vivo calls the smartphone’s high screen-to-body ratio. It’s a 6.59-inch display with a top bezel that is 2.16 mm thick and a bottom with 5.08 thickness for its bezel-less look.

What this innovation does is that it makes the user experience a lot less complicated and very straightforward. It wasn’t an easy journey for Vivo because behind that sleek display lies multiple hard-fought innovations, including the elevating front camera hiding inside the phone. The Nex series has this futuristic feel and premium specifications that no other brand series has offered before.

How Vivo Smartphone V19 is Changing the Industry

At the brand’s DNA is innovation, as the company has clearly stated.  Priced at just INR 29,990, the company brought the smartphone V17 Pro to consumers with specifications ahead of other brands. It sports a dual-selfie camera within a pop-up setup.

For many, the camera performance was one of the best people had seen in a Vivo phone. It comes with six cameras with a four-lens rear panel and a dual-lens front panel within the pop-up module. The mix of colours on the back is what makes V17 Pro so attractive. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also strong as it comes with Gorilla Glass 6 protection, going a step ahead of the competition who all use GG5 instead.

They Really Keep Up With Their Consumers

Consumers are nabbing at innovative technology and they want it fast. Most consumers update their smartphone every 12 months. Most look for advanced fingerprint and facial recognition technology as well as high-resolution front cameras for selfies. Vivo understood this completely and offered exactly that in its smartphones from the V and N series. They constantly upgrade the technology and body aesthetics of their smartphones.

To be innovative is challenging and removing notches as well as top and bottom bezels raises the question of where to place other things like earpieces, front cameras, and sensors. The Vivo Store added the Vivo Nex series to solve all these issues.

Their front camera, hidden within the phone, elevates to take a selfie and disappears from view instantly. It provides that seamless camera experience in a second. The Nex speakers are also top-notch with no visible holes. The sound vibrations permeate through the phone display, transforming the screen to a speaker itself. This helped Vivo reduce their bezels while enhancing sound quality with powerful bass and smoother treble. Additionally, their other sensors are hidden on the top or bottom of the phone display. These innovations too contributed to reduced bezels for a larger viewing screen.

Overall, Vivo will continue to deliver very competitive hardware for a budget smartphone. Vivo smartphones always perform admirably while looking sleek and premium. Many users feel that they are using a phone from a higher-income segment when using a Vivo. Their cameras and bezel-less displays remain key innovations that have become industry standards. Key competitors like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Samsung are starting to bring such innovation in their releases. There are still some major tech challenges Vivo needs to resolve but if done with their innovative strategy, they will be the smartphone manufacturer other brands need to match up to in the coming years.

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