Is There a Way to Protect Your Wallet?

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Friyana Munshi-Jan 19,2023
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Travelling to your workplace has never been an unchallenging ride. The crowded roads, stations, trains, and buses leave you hanging on quite literally. Perhaps the only thought running through your mind is to get away from it all. And while you are amid this chaos thinking of all the deadlines you need to meet and the files to submit at work today, a mishap has occurred. Your wallet has been picked. The worst part of it is that you didn’t even realise it until it’s too late.  

A wallet carries a lot of your valuables, from cash to cards and even important identification documents. This theft can leave you completely haggard. How? Imagine this: the robber now has access to your cards which makes it easier for them to hack into your bank account. You can incur huge losses if these financial tools are misused. The repercussions of identity theft are way more severe. Criminals could open bank accounts under your name and conduct fraudulent activities through them. Your personal information could be circulated on the Dark web and your social media hacked. A pickpocketing incident could leave you stranded without any resources or identification proof, and vulnerable to criminal activities. So, what can one do? Have you considered insuring your wallet? 

How can your wallet be insured?

Besides the commonly known policies like life insurance, health insurance and so on, you can now get a cover for detailed specific requirements. Such policies are budget friendly and cater to specific requirements. These are known as pocket insurances. One such product available to you is Wallet Care by CPP Group. For a premium of just ₹699 for a year, you can get a whole host of benefits. This unique policy is a one-stop solution to all your pickpocketing problems. Let’s learn how. 

1. Block your cards and curb the loss 

With advancing technology, your finances are no longer restricted to the bills in your wallet. Your cards have direct access to your bank accounts. The new tap and pay features in cards don’t help make it easier for robbers to misuse your cards. Imagine losing your hard-earned money through misuse of your debit cards and the piling credit card bills. You can avoid this dreadful scenario by simply utilising Wallet Care’s card-blocking facility. You can save yourself from the consequences of such thievery by using the card blocking service available 24/7. All you need to do is contact the toll-free number 1800-419-4000, and your cards will be blocked instantly. After this, you can apply for new cards and carry on with your transactions worry-free!  

2. You won’t be left stranded with emergency cash assistance

Pickpocketing is an eminent threat everywhere, be it on your daily commute, or when out for a vacation. Being stranded in some foreign land without a single penny in your pocket is one situation you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. And yet it is not entirely improbable, thanks to pickpockets across the globe. Preparing against such adversaries is important. Your wallet insurance can be of significant help here. With the emergency travel assistance feature, get monetary assistance of up to ₹1 Lakh to clear your hotel bills and buy travel tickets to return home.  

3. Get identity-proof replacement with ease

Getting a replacement for your lost identification document can be a huge hassle. Well, not anymore! With Wallet Care, even if your PAN Card is stolen you can easily get it replaced. This policy allows you to get a new card with zero additional charges.  

4. Stop fraudsters from conning your friends

Your handset is one of your most valuable possessions.  Confidential information, your contacts, and social media accounts are linked to your handset and other devices. This data can be used for fraudulent activities. Hence you need to block your sim card as soon as your phone gets stolen. Your wallet insurance product can assist you by blocking your sim card, which is registered with your phone’s unique ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ numeric identifier. This service allows you and your loved ones to stay protected against the dangers of cybercrimes.  

5. F-secure your devices 

While we are on the topic of cyber criminals, it is essential to consider your online data security. Predators are always waiting for you to make one slip-up so that they can enter your system and con you. But you can stay a step ahead of them all with wallet insurance. This product provides you with F-secure to safeguard your PC or laptop from hackers and malware. 

But wait! That’s not all! With security, safety, and precaution, this product also takes care of your entertainment requirements. Here’s how. 

Get more for less

Along with providing insurance, Wallet Care aims to take responsibility of your entertainment quotient as well. With year-long subscriptions from eminent Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, go all out. Binge-watch your favourite TV series or have a movie marathon! With this insurance plan, you can get a premium Sony LIV subscription for a year worth ₹999 and a similar Zee5 premium subscription worth ₹699 for free! Thanks to Wallet Care, you can enjoy watching all popular shows with just a tap and a click. If you can get all these benefits and great security features for just ₹699 a year, why not get one? With wallet insurance, you not only protect yourself from financial losses but also safeguard your loved ones from getting duped by imposters. With easy availability of blocking facilities and PAN Card replacement services, this product is a necessity for the new age!  


Stop overthinking it! Go get your hands on this important insurance policy available on Bajaj Markets! With the completely online digitised process, get Wallet Care at your convenience and secure yourself against all related potential risks! 

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