Latest TV Technologies in 2022

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The market for televisions has seen enormous changes in the last decade. We have moved from those bulky cathode-ray-tube giants to sleek, paper-thin designs. New TV technology has grown massively – smart TVs with multiple connectivity options and high definition displays, integrated with voice-run features.

With the advent of streaming services and the easy availability of content online, one would have thought that the TV would have been a thing of the past. But, by seamlessly adapting to our current day and age, it continues to rule the hearts and minds of viewers with its ever-changing, ever-innovating new technologies. The transformation of this device from an idiot box to a Smart TV is attributable to a plethora of new TV technology. It is hard to think of TV technology without thinking of its evolution.

Have a Brief Look at Innovations That Have Revolutionized The TV.

  • 4K – Unprecedented High-Resolution Viewing Experience

We would never have imagined that we will get to watch live TV that isn’t pixelated. The recent years of TV Technology have proved us wrong. We have moved from HD to 4K. From the HD resolution of 1280 x 720, there has been a jump to Full HD of 1920 x 1080 and then 4K and UHD.

UHD or Ultra High Definition has the resolution of 3840×2160 and the true 4K has the resolution of 4096×2160. You can browse for 4K TVs on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

  • OLED vs QLED are redefining TV panels and colours

Another new tech TV has been the LED panel – much like smartphones are going bezel-less and seamless, TVs are not far behind. LG is at the forefront of the latest LED TV technology, OLED technology and provides these panels for Sony, Panasonic etc.

So, what are OLEDs? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode panel. Such OLED TV sets use organic material that glows when electricity is passed through them. It is said that OLEDs are 1000 times faster, so this means that you can now view blur-free fast-moving motion images. Fancy watching car-racing on your TV? OLEDs are here to give you a life-like experience.

Samsung has also come up with QLEDs in this context. Quantum-dot LEDs are the latest TV tech that helps achieve optimal viewing. All the brands are working towards creating the best viewing experience for you!

  • HDR – High Dynamic Range

If you are shopping for TV sets, it is highly likely that all top choices will have sharp features when it comes to contrast ratio and colour accuracy. As televisions get HDR-compatible the visuals they render become sharper – brighter highlights, perfect deep blacks, and a wider colour gamut.

A popular format of this latest TV technology is the Dolby Vision. It is the visual equivalent of the Dolby’s Atmos sound systems. And if you know how that changed the game, you can imagine how Dolby Vision is a treat. Other formats include Hybrid Log-Gamma and Technicolor HDR.

  • webOS, Android and SmartHub for the Smart TVs

While some brands hold their own operating systems, the ecosystem of apps is contributing to the creation of the ultimate Smart TV experience. One latest TV technology that stands out for the utilitarian superiority is the feature of one-remote-control so that you can control and sync your TV with other devices and accounts. You will find ample variety while browsing through Smart TVs on the EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv .

  • Blur Free Pictures and Motions

The blurring of the race-car drivers and cricket balls shooting for a sixer are things of the past. One of the most important features of the TV viewing experience has been the motion rate. Refresh rates (the number of frames a TV can display per second) have improved massively.


Today, if you go out shopping for a television set, all these parameters will be crucial determinants of your final choice. It is not just important to stay abreast of these trends and innovations, it is also important to understand how far they impact the pricing of your TV sets. The best part about innovations happening at such breakneck speed is that the competitive market has kept the price in check, more or less. You don’t have to worry about being able to afford the luxury and convenience of these features with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can upgrade your current television to the latest TV loaded with all the best features!

Top TV Brand:

Mi TV | Sony TV | OnePlus TV | LG TV | Samsung TV | VU TV | TCL TV

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