Make Your WFH Set-Up More Comfortable With These Products

Posted in EMI Card Blogs By Chanel Rick - Jul 2,2022
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Amidst the rising chaos of COVID-19, there’s a strong possibility that things might continue with a predominantly WFH setting. While this is exciting for some, others may require better preparation! Based on our last bout with lockdowns and WFH conditions, thousands of us faced difficulties in adjusting to these new arrangements. However, there’s a way to turn that around this time! 

Nothing fuels your productivity like an environment that’s specially curated for it. Whether you live a solo life or stay with family, creating a zen-like personal space for your work set-up is essential. Of course, you could add natural effects like potted plants and some pleasant background music, but it’s not enough! There are other ways to upgrade your workstation to boost your spirit. 

The WFH Scenario: Adapting to New Changes

Back in 2020, several Indians were asked to take leave and continue their work remotely from home. It included working professionals, students and other workers. While companies and people were apprehensive about this, they quickly realised the many benefits! 

Today, a handful of companies offer employees the option of permanent WFH or a hybrid system. With an influx of start-up ventures, entrepreneurs are opting for WFH office setups. Here are five benefits of working from home! 

● No stress of the daily commute to work or school 

● More job opportunities across the nation 

● Companies could recruit employees beyond city limits 

● Increased savings with fewer occasions to spend on 

● Improved climate due to lesser pollutants 

Did you know? According to a 2019 survey, it took respondents 27 minutes (on average) to travel five to ten kilometres in urban cities for work or education.  

5 WFH Set-up Upgrades Everyone Needs

The ideal WFH set-up has fewer distractions and more productivity boosters! While you need a little break from work, design your workstation to promote better concentration. So, we have rounded up some of the best gadgets to help you through WFH! 

1. Noise Air Buds+ In-Ear Earbuds


70 hours of standby time

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

Built-in 2 Microphones

Price: ₹ 1,999

Is the bustle of the household too loud? Then, these earphones are a great way to tune out all distractions! This wireless earphone comes with a fast-charging feature. It goes from 0% to 100% in 4 hours for continuous playback up to 15 hours. 

2. Furniture Magic WFH01 Combo (Table + Chair) 


Adjustable Chair 

Lumbar Support 

Desk with Storage 

Price: ₹ 11,017

Missing your old office set-up? Then, let’s bring it home. Every workstation needs a sturdy desk and chair. This combination by Furniture Magic includes essential pieces for your WFH arrangement.  

3. Carrier Air One Room Air Purifier 


Low sound operations 

Absorbs minute particles 

Purifies the smell of smoke, paint, pets, etc

Four airflow adjustment speeds 

Price: ₹ 10,548

An air purifier is the best way to prevent a bad case of seasonal allergies! That said, they can also absorb any dust build-up or floating tufts of pet fur. So, while cooped up in your home office, take a deep breath of fresh and clean air! 

4. HP 14s Intel Core i3 11th Gen 


4GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 256 GB SSD 

Windows 10 Home 

14inch laptop

Price: ₹ 42,999

By not purchasing a work laptop you risk wearing out your personal device! The HP 14s laptop is easily the best for the job! Its sleek art design and powered by Intel Core i3, promising to be fast with quality hardware.  

5. Marshall Stanmore Wired Home Audio Portable Bluetooth Speaker 


Clean & precise audio 

Textured vinyl design 

Multi-host functionality 

Price: ₹ 24,999

If music helps you focus, then Marshall Stanmore is the ideal choice for the job! This portable Bluetooth speaker has a rustic design with a sturdy wooden frame of Stanmore II. Regardless of the room’s size, this speaker won’t let you down. 

So, are you ready to snazz up your WFH set-up? Let your shopaholic spirit out and browse through our list of fun workstation upgrades. 

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