Money Lessons You Can Learn from Your Favourite Movies

Posted in Investment By Chanel Rick - Jul 8,2022
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After a gruelling week of enduring hectic schedules and juggling deadlines, everyone deserves a cosy weekend of merriment. For those that decide to stay in, movie marathons are a great way to enjoy a weekend of lazy lounging. Don’t forget to gather your favourite snacks and crate of beverages! However, the age-old dilemma persists, which movie should you watch? 

How about plots that contain a mix of adventure, drama, finance and humour? If you spotted the word finance, you’re not dreaming it up! Some of Bollywood and Hollywood’s best flicks contain amazing anecdotes that work wonders in the financial context. So, why not let your favourite movies inspire your next financial move? 

5 Movies with Money Lessons 

It goes without saying that movies are one of the best mediums to spread information. Whether it’s to inspire sports enthusiasts, savoury and sweet connoisseurs or create social awareness, they serve a great purpose. Here are some Bollywood and Hollywood movies with references that can tackle your financial woes. 

1. OMG: Oh My God 

Summary: After an earthquake destroys Kanji’s antique shop, he files for an insurance claim that gets rejected. Taking matters into his own hands, an atheist decides to sue God for the damages caused. 

The Lesson: It’s crucial to insure your valuable assets, like property or vehicles, against man-made, natural and other disasters. While Kanji was able to battle the odds with God, you could easily opt for an insurance claim without the added hassle. Ensure that your insurance policy covers calamities specific to your region or vocation to avoid claim rejection. 

2. The Wolf of Wall Street 

Summary: While still in his 20s, a young stockbroker named Jordan Belfort created a firm called Stratton Oakmont. Joined by his trusted lieutenant and other brokers, he makes a fortune by swindling wealthy investors out of millions. 

The Lesson: Throughout the movie, the protagonist indulges in various unethical practices to make more profits. As a result, SEC and FBI close-in on his activities and apprehend him. A glaring reminder that you must not neglect ethics while pursuing greater riches. 

Furthermore, it highlights the growing concerns over unregulated financial advisors. Before engaging with stockbrokers, verify their credentials and inquire about commissionable investments. 

3. Baghban 

Summary: The movie follows the tragic struggles of a couple that sacrificed the better years of their lives to raise their four sons. Once grown up, the children turn ungrateful towards their ageing parents, separating the older couple from each other as they take turns looking after them. 

The Lesson: Despite spending their golden years nurturing and raising their children, Raj and Pooja face the bitter reality during their silver years. Had the couple set aside a retirement fund, they could have avoided being entirely financially dependent on their children. Prevent becoming a victim of poor circumstances and save for your vulnerable years early on. 

4. The Money Pit 

Summary: Nearly forced into homelessness, a young couple settles on purchasing a country estate for a suspiciously low price. Much like the depleting conditions of the house, their relationship starts falling apart. 

The Lesson: On the surface, the house is everything they dreamed of, but Walter and Anna don’t see through the scam until it’s too late. The nightmarish costs of repairs quickly threaten the delicate balance of their finances. Take this movie as a lesson to carefully scrutinise the condition of properties or to analyse investments for hidden clauses prior to investing. 

5. Dil Dhadakne Do 

Summary: The movie focuses on the Punjabi sibling duo Ayesha and Kabir Mehra. Their loyalty to each other and individual journies unfold as friends and families learn many life lessons on a cruise trip. 

The Lesson: There are multiple financial lessons stowed in the plot, especially within Ayesha’s character. She’s the embodiment of an idealistic investor who sells her jewellery to start her own business without requiring monetary support from her family. Ayesha takes control of her finances and manages to make a lucrative venture. 

So, the next time you plop down on the couch, consider watching one of these interesting flicks! They’re filled with hidden financial anecdotes and guarantee a few hours of complete entertainment. And, if they pique your interest in personal finance, come over to Bajaj MARKETS and explore a variety of investment instruments

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