New Year, New Health Resolutions

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Friyana Munshi-Jan 2,2023
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“Although no one can go back and make a brand-new start 

Anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending”.Carl Bard

It’s time you start working towards your brand-new ending. We have all made new year’s resolutions and broken them each time. The way to maintain your vows is simple. Increase the scale of your resolutions gradually, year by year. Don’t start with the unattainable right at the get-go. Realistic targets make your goals achievable. Another factor that affects your ability to keep your resolve is planning. Creating a systematic action plan is important to stay focused and make efforts in the right direction. Discipline and perseverance tie all this together. Without determination and the need to hold true to your resolve, no amount of planning or work will help you achieve your goal. 

You might be wondering what vow you want to take this year. When the recent corona pandemic hit, we all wished we had taken better care of our health and immunity. Well, as Carl Bard has said, start right now and create a brand-new ending. Let’s make this coming year a year of fitness, good health, and cheer! Now don’t worry! It isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Yes, we know you have tried this before. A resolution to lose weight or exercise daily. So, what is different this time? Well, you have us to help you follow through with your resolve the right way. Stay with us and explore some easy resolutions you can make this year and improve your health come next December.

6 Health Resolutions for You:

1. Move more, sit less

A straightforward way to start getting more active is to simply move! Your desk job has made you sore and stiff! Let’s not forget the work-from-home situation going on for the past two years. It’s time to give your muscles some movement. Working a desk job for hours at a stretch can adversely impact your health. Experts suggest that sitting around and not moving much all day can result in a risk to overall mortality. A straightforward and easy solution is taking a small round every hour for 5 minutes. If not possible, then taking a 15-minute walk during your lunch breaks is suggested. This simple step will help keep ailments away and can be incorporated into your schedule like a habit.  

2. Sleep well

One of the most neglected aspects of our life is sleep. The hustle of everyday life has made you lose track of the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation is the root of many problems like depression and weight gain. It is vital to focus on the amount of sleep you get and its quality. Focus on your lifestyle and schedule to form habits which will help you relax and remain stress-free, giving you better sleep. The traditional age-old advice to go to bed early actually helps improve sleep quality and gives you enough time to complete your sleep cycle. So, yes, your parents were right all along! Some other minute changes to help you get better sleep include decreasing your caffeine intake and using dimmer lights in your bedroom. Reducing screen time on your mobiles and laptops, especially right before going to bed, is also advisable. Make a resolution this year to get better sleep! 

3. Rethink your diet

The most famous resolution taken by individuals during the new year is to lose weight. People have the misconception that dieting and losing weight is the best way to improve your health. Here’s a revelation for you! Maybe that diet is doing you more harm than good. The right nutrition is essential to help you rush through life. Chronic dieting can cause damage to your physical and mental health. Losing weight with restrictive diets can be harmful and you are likely to gain back two-thirds of the lost weight within twelve months. Excessive dieting can also make losing weight in the future difficult for you. A better vow to swear by this year would be to check the nutrients in your diet and whether you are getting all the required vitamins and minerals from your food. Make sure your meals are wholistic and preferably home cooked. Take the vow and ensure that whatever you ingest is healthy and sustains you for the rest of your hectic day! 

 4. Add some structured exercise to your routine

Yes, we are all bad at taking out the required ‘me-time’ for ourselves. However, it is important to plan out your day and find some structure and discipline in your everyday life. Take up an exercise of your choice, be it developing your core strength with Yoga and Pilates routines or opting for gymming to build your muscles and tone your body. Regular walking or jogging is also a good form of exercise. Ride a bike or go swimming, do whatever feels good to you. Making some form of structured exercise a part of your daily routine can go a long way in contributing to your health. Give at least an hour of your day to these daily. Swear by it today and welcome this healthy lifestyle change wholeheartedly this year!  

 5. Manage stress better with a hobby!

Stress is unavoidable. Your work and personal life worries colliding inside you have raised your anxiety levels through the roof. We know that stress is a constant part of your life and managing it is easier said than done. Stress can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and depression. Relaxing and socialising, paired with good food, is proven to reduce your stress. A small step you can take towards managing the daily strain is taking some time off work to find a hobby that engages your heart and mind. Paint, write, read, or game. Find a way to leave your stressful life behind for once. Journaling using various tapes, cutouts, quotes, etc., can help provide a creative outlet for stress and is a fantastic way to unwind and relax. So, make a vow to fill this coming year with a hobby, something you can be passionate about, and indulge yourself in some activity when life gets too stressful and manage stress better.   

 6. Insure your health

Has someone close to you been admitted to the hospital recently? If so, you will realise that with medical advancements, the cost of treatments is also rising exponentially. Emergencies wait for no one and being prepared is essential. Getting insurance cover can help take care of these sudden expenses. Some policies offer cashless payment options while others offer reimbursements. Choose a health insurance which suits your requirements the best. The more you age, the more expensive the insurance premium gets. Hence, it is advisable to get a health insurance at the earliest to save on premium. A health insurance can also help you save on taxes if declared under the Income Tax Act of 1961. So, vow to get a financial health cover this year for yourself and your loved ones to stay one step ahead of mishaps! If you are new to this, read, Here’s Everything You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Your First Health Insurance Policy to better understand how to pick the right health insurance.


Did you find this list of resolutions helpful? Well then take the vow this year and work towards improving your health and enjoy life to the fullest! A little discipline and focus will help you stand true on your promise. So, go have a safe, prosperous, and healthy year ahead! And while you are at it, come on over at Bajaj Markets and choose a medical insurance that covers all health problems of your loved ones. Secure yourself financially and get the best of treatments with a good health insurance. Can’t wait to get started? Grab one now! 

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