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Posted in Credit Card Blogs By Friyana Munshi - Dec 21,2022
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As the year-end draws closer, we know just how excited you are for the encroaching festive season. Whether buying commodities for the fast-approaching festive season or simply enjoying retail therapy, whatever the requirement, shopping always lifts your spirit. Buying items off your wishlist can add to your happiness. Of course, you cannot forget the wonderful and thoughtful gifts that make festivals special. Buying gifts that can convey your affection to your loved ones requires a lot of time, effort, and money. We know how the end-of-year sale is your only hope to purchase that one expensive item at the lowest rate possible. 

Even though you feel elated about buying that perfect outfit, the humongous expense depletes your bank account. With increasing prices and the search for exquisite and unique presents, your savings are affected drastically. It is important to look for discounts and cheaper alternatives and to compare offers from different providers. But is that all that you can do to save? Well, to your surprise, the answer is no! What more, you ask? You can use a shopping credit card and get special rewards and benefits on your every purchase. Let us understand how. 

Shopping credit card

Various credit cards have been designed to cater to a customers’ specific needs. One such is the shopping credit card, which can help cushion the blow of your shopping spree on your finances. You can get additional discounts and cashback offers on purchases made using these cards. Generally, specific online and offline stores, in partnership with your card provider, offer such deals on purchases made using a shopping credit card. 

But wait! Do you think these offers are valid only for buying clothing, accessory, and other such commodities? Well, once again, the answer is no. You can also plan your Christmas Eve celebrations using this card. From movie tickets to dinner, you can indulge in a ton of fun activities this festive season with exceptional discounts and offers available with your card. 

With a credit card, you can accumulate reward points for every single purchase you make. These can be redeemed later to get exciting deals and discounts on future purchases! Usually, you are awarded some points as a joining bonus when you acquire a new card. Also, you receive additional reward points when you have completed a specific spending milestone with the card. Some cards also allow you to convert any major purchase into EMI payments.  

How to select the right credit card

You might feel overwhelmed when getting a new credit card with the massive number of options available. Different cards provide different services that may or may not align with your specific preferences. Don’t worry! We are here to help you choose the card that suits your financial requirements the best. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when applying for a new shopping credit card. 

  1. Your requirement – It is essential to find a card in line with your needs. Certain co-branded cards provide exclusive offers to customers on purchases from particular brands. For example, if you use the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, you will likely get great deals on your purchase from the e-commerce website. On the other hand, a card like the HDFC MoneyBack credit card might be more suitable for customers who prefer flexibility in their spending. Whether online or offline, look for a card aligned with your preferences.  
  1. Reward points – Various cards provide different deals and offers. Some cards are better for accumulating reward points, while others provide great vouchers, discounts, and waivers. To use these effectively, it is necessary to understand the different ways you can gather points and the process to redeem these rewards.  
  1. Joining and annual fees – The joining and annual fees will differ from card to card, depending on the type and benefits offered. The annual fee for a shopping credit card can range from ₹49 up to ₹1,000. You can also opt for cards where the annual charges are applicable from the 2nd year of joining. Lifetime-free credit cards are also available.  
  1. Card limit – One of the most important things to check is the card limit. This is necessary to ensure that you can repay the money borrowed by the end of the month without falling into debt. Card providers give you various options to modify and set transaction and expense limits. Use these wisely and make timely repayments to keep enjoying the benefits of your credit card. 
  1. Additional card charges – Always check for additional fees on transactions and other services. Keep an eye out for hidden costs, annual maintenance fees, cash advance fees (charged on cash withdrawals), and GST. Make sure to keep a close check on these when getting a new card and using it for any purchase. 

Now that we have understood shopping credit cards better, let’s look at some cards which can help you save money this festive season. 

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

This card offers massive discounts on purchases from service providers like Myntra and BigBasket. It also comes with 100% cashback on mobile recharge, done through the Freecharge website and application. EMI options are also available on Snapdeal, Reliance Digital, and Chroma purchases. Furthermore, it has exceptional offers on travel and movie ticket bookings.  

Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card

This card helps you accumulate reward points for future purchases. You receive 1 reward point on an expenditure of ₹100. Meanwhile, you can get 10 points on every purchase made at Landmark and other partner stores. The card comes with a welcome and renewal bonus of 2,000 points. ₹4,000 worth of milestone benefits are provided with the card. 

ICICI Platinum Credit Card

This card does not have a joining or a renewal fee, instead, it requires its customers to hold a certain eligibility criterion. If you are self-employed, you must earn over ₹50,000 per month to get the ICICI Platinum credit card. Similarly, if you are salaried, you must have an income of or above ₹30,000 per month to meet the criteria. Under this card, you can save on dining experiences in more than 2,500 restaurants. It also comes with an embedded microchip for security against duplication and fraud.  

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Phew! That was a lot! Well, now you know everything there is to a shopping credit card! Go on that shopping spree and enjoy the festival of holy cheer and goodwill with wise financial choices. But wait! Before you go, why not head on to Bajaj Markets, where we have a range of credit cards for you to choose from. Find the card that suits your needs and celebrate a merry Christmas! 

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