Small But Mighty: Pocket Insurance for Your New Purchase

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Friyana Munshi-Dec 19,2022
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Immense effort goes into purchasing the right products to fit our unique needs. How many hours have we spent scrolling through various websites, looking for the right colour, specifications, and details to ensure that something is worth the price? These struggles are not just limited to expensive things like cars and houses but also the smallest of gadgets like headphones and mobiles. After spending ages pondering and compiling your Wishlist, you look for offers and discounts to finally buy the tens of much-awaited products.  

The effort is endless, but the journey doesn’t end once you acquire the necessary commodities. The extensive care and repair that goes behind these are exhausting. Such maintenance costs sometimes prove to be bothersome and, honestly, a burden. These not only interrupt your product experience but also cause inconveniences to your financial plans. Pocket insurance can help you negate such extra expenses; let us see how. 

What is pocket insurance?

Pocket insurance, as the name suggests, are pocket-friendly policies that provide services for specific products. They are affordable and give extensive coverage with a claim process similar to traditional insurance policies. Pocket insurance helps support your finances against unwarranted expenses that can impact your finances. However, these lapse after their time period is over and cannot be renewed. Hence, a claim bonus is not available with these covers. 

To help you with the additional payments and hassle, let’s look at some pocket insurance you should get after a new purchase. 

Fonesafe – Mobile Insurance

A good smartphone is one of an individual’s most essential gadgets in today’s fast-paced world. Buying a mobile phone is one expense that can largely impact your finances. Some common threats are damage to the screen and problems arising from a water spill. The monetary loss from this can be huge. Theft of the device can lead to losing your private information that can then be used for illicit purposes. 

Hence, insuring your smartphones may be beneficial. Fonesafe Mobile Insurance is available at a minimal annual premium starting from ₹1,212 for handsets priced from ₹6,000 onwards. It covers up to 100% repair costs and comes with add-ons like Gaana Plus and Zee-All Access subscription. Furthermore, it also comes with F-Secure antivirus and malware protection, protecting your data from potential cyber-attacks.  

Kitchen Appliances Insurance

Keeping your kitchen up to date with the latest equipment is a must. But maintaining them with timely repairs takes a lot of effort and eats up your savings. So, it makes sense to get insurance coverage for these appliances. Kitchen Appliances Insurance covers not only accidental damages but also mechanical breakdowns. It further insures your appliances against special perils and fire. Moreover, it has a claimable amount of up to ₹25,000 for a premium of just ₹249 per year. 

 DSLR Camera Insurance

Photography is more than just a hobby. It is that one click to capture a moment, to stop time in its tracks and freeze a memory forever. We all want to remember every detail of our favourite moments, and a good-quality camera ensures that. Buying a DSLR is an investment in nostalgia. To capture the aesthetics of the world on a screen is an achievement. However, dealing with damages and repairs of this device can hurt your savings and prove to be a hassle. 

But what if you could insure it? That’s right! With DSLR Camera Insurance Plan, get coverage against damages, special perils, and fire. Get this valuable plan at a nominal annual premium of ₹699 and get coverage of up to ₹25,000. This pocket insurance further covers damages from mechanical faults.  

Small Gadgets Insurance 

It is always the small things that count. Tiny bits of convenience help you live your life to the fullest. Gadgets like humidifiers, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and others fill your days with bits of joy and convenience. These can get damaged or stolen quite easily, disrupting your routines.  

Small Gadgets Insurance can take care of all these inconveniences for you. Right from repairs to theft to breakdowns, this product can handle it all! You can get this policy for a small annual fee of ₹396 for a claim amount of up to ₹10,000 

Eyewear Assure – Spectacle Insurance

For some a necessity and a luxury for others, eyewear is one of the last items we consider getting insurance for. And yet we have all faced substantial repair costs after damaging a pair of glasses. To make sure that you don’t lose your money the next time your expensive frame breaks, get Eyewear Assure. This policy will insure your glasses against damages from riots, fire, theft, and much more. The total sum assured under this insurance is about ₹40,000 for an annual premium of just ₹799 a year.  


It’s never pleasant paying for the maintenance of your expensive purchase. But no matter how big or small you think your product is, every purchase can be insured in some way or the other. We hope you found the policy you were looking for! To know more about the policies mentioned above and more, visit Bajaj Markets right now! The next time you purchase a new product, get it insured and live worry-free! 

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