Two-Wheeler Insurance: Safety For Pillion Riders

Posted in Bike Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-Jun 20,2022
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Nothing turns heads like the powerful roars of a motorcycle’s engine – though it may invite a few curses at night. Most of us enviously watch motorists zoom past streets, yearning to be part of the thrilling ride. For adventure’s sake, someone might take up the offer of riding as a pillion! Though, without proper precautions, a joy ride could quickly turn deadly.

In India, the traffic-burdened roads are congested with hundreds, if not thousands, of bikes. Several reasons have led to this increase – affordability, availability, and ease of travel. The affordability of bikes has made them a primary vehicle in most Indian households. Every day, parents drop off and pick up their children from school, spouses commute to work, or even colleagues living close-by drop each other off. All these scenarios are prone to the same accident – the risk of the pillion rider sustaining potentially fatal injuries. 

Pillion Rider Insurance: Bike Passenger Safety

Witnessing 3-4 people precariously balance themselves on a two-wheeler is nothing unordinary. However, these acts are dangerous and irresponsible. Unfortunately, some riders remain unaware of the consequences such antics may cause. In case of a disastrous accident, safeguard the interests of all those involved – especially pillion riders. 

Set in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, purchasing third-party insurance is mandatory for two and four-wheelers in India. Purchase it along with a new vehicle from the insurance company, or you could go on their website and buy it directly. In case of accidents, this policy only covers the damages sustained by the third parties involved, including pillion riders. To protect pillion riders, the Insurance Board mandated they receive coverage under third-party insurance. 

Third-Party Insurance Coverage

While comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will insure both the rider and their pillion rider, some people only opt for third-party insurance. If financial constraints make comprehensive insurances hard to purchase, you might get away with just owning a third-party policy. To fully understand the depth of the coverage the latter offers, take a look at the following inclusions and exclusions of the policy. 

1. Accident & Death Coverage 

A fun road trip could quickly turn fatal without enough precautions! Whether travelling interstate or within your city, accidents are inevitable. In case of injuries caused by accidents, the pillion rider can seek compensation for medical expenses up to ₹3 lakhs. If the accident led to the demise, their next kin may receive a sum insured of up to ₹5 lakhs. 

2. No Passerby Coverage 

A widespread accident caused by collision or otherwise could affect surrounding vehicles. Aside from the third-party vehicle and your pillion rider, the policy doesn’t cover damages incurred by others involved in the accident. Other parties involved in the accident aren’t eligible to make any claims to compensate for any damages. 

3. Single Pillion Rider Coverage

A bike can only handle two passengers, including the rider. It’s dangerous to ride on a bike with more than two people, and insurers take this matter very seriously. Hence, the third-party insurance will only cover one pillion rider. Even if you had three people on a joyride, only one of them would receive the compensation. 

4. Ambulance Coverage

Depending on your resident city, healthcare facilities could be expensive. The policy covers transport service expenses for injured pillion riders with up to ₹10,000 to cover these charges. It includes ambulance services. 

5. International Treatment

Whether the accident occurred in an international location or the pillion rider requires medical treatment abroad, the insurer can arrange these facilities. However, within a week, you must inform the insurer about treatments conducted in foreign countries. 

As the rider, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your fellow passenger and those around you. In case of an accident, third-party insurance could save the life of your pillion rider by providing medical and financial support. 

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