What’s a Cashless Garage?

Posted in Car Insurance Blogs By Friyana Munshi-Jan 16,2023
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Let’s take you for a ride. Will you join us for a long drive on the highway? The speed, the thrill, the acceleration, and the sudden halt! The tyre punctured and it is unsafe to keep driving on an expressway with a deflated tyre. We apologise for the minor inconvenience. We were really looking forward to a smooth sailing ride, especially with you here. But now what? Are we to remain shocked and stranded on this high-speed road? Obviously not. It is imperative that we find a garage as soon as possible to repair the vehicle and move ahead.  

Your insurance will save you during settlements in case of a crash and will further help repair the damages to your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to do so is to approach a cashless garage. What is that you ask? Let’s find out together and get this vehicle repaired. 

Cashless Garages 

These are automotive repair shops that are aligned with your insurance provider. As a policyholder, you can approach any garage affiliated with your insurance provider and get your car repaired. Under this, the insurance company provides the payment directly. This means that you do not have to make first-hand payments for the incurred costs! That’s right, you don’t have to keep waiting and pondering over reimbursements but let your insurance provider handle it. All you need to do is inform your policy provider and take your vehicle to the nearest cashless garage, as listed under your insurance.  

Why is a cashless garage advantageous to you?

Honestly, the answer is quite simple. The hassle involved is just so much lesser. Want to know how? Let’s look at some benefits of a cashless garage together. 

1. Simply Convenient 

Imagine this. You have made huge expenses this month, like paying the down payment for your new abode or settling a debt with a lump sum, leaving your finances more strained than usual. Now your car breaks down in the middle of the road as you are on your way to work on a Monday morning. Yes, we feel the frustration too. The worry of gathering sufficient funds to repair the automobile eats you up. You wish there were a way to not pay at the moment, even with a valid insurance policy which will get you a reimbursement for the costs incurred.  

Now, what if your insurance provider handled it all? All you need to do is drive or tow your vehicle to a network garage and get the required fixers to mend your car without paying any money first-hand. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Your insurer will settle the costs directly with the garage leaving you with a stress-free experience that is convenient and easy. Reduce your financial burdens with this incredible service provided by your insurer. So next time your vehicle has a breakdown, don’t think much! Just head over to a cashless garage and get it fixed immediately!  

2. Do Away with Claim Filing and Prolonged Paperwork

You have been dealing with a load full of paperwork in your professional life. Don’t let the papers take over your private life as well. The insurer handles all the formalities for you. This means that claim disbursals are quicker. You no longer have to wait for 7 to 10 days to get your claimed amount, as typically required in the case of reimbursements.  

With a cashless garage, the long wait time is cut down as the repairer has a direct arrangement with your insurance provider. The garage owner provides an estimate on the repairs directly to the policy provider. On approval from the insurer, your vehicle is fixed, and the company pays off the bills in your stead. As the cost is settled directly by the insurer, the process is speedier than a reimbursement claim. This process helps you benefit from your policy without fretting about collecting bills and waiting for the paperwork to get processed.  

3. Reduces the Possibility of Fraud 

No one likes to be cheated. Now, what if we told you that the cashless garage facility leaves no room for fraudulent activities? Under this service, your automobile repairer provides the bill directly to the insurance company. In this case, the service provider ensures that the charges are genuine and limits fraudulent activities in the billing process. This makes the experience transparent for all three parties involved – the insurer, the insured, and the repairer.  

A surveyor from the insurance is involved in the complete process from the beginning to the end, making it difficult for anyone to cheat you of your hard-earned money! They further ensure that you get good services with quality repairs for higher customer satisfaction. Every insurance company aims to partner with garages that provide great mechanic expertise and quality services to fulfil all requirements. This ensures that you are not cheated on any front, be it the pricing or the quality! 

What Can Go Wrong?

All of this might sound too good to be true. But there is no need to look at cashless garages with scepticism. However, like everything else, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind when availing the cashless garage services. 

1. Additional repair costs

Suppose the damaged part of your vehicle is not covered under your insurance policy. In that case, you might have to pay for the repairs from your pocket. Hence, it is essential that you ask the garage mechanic regarding the costs and required repairs prior to starting the work on your automobile.  

2. Limited locations 

Cashless garages might only be available in some locations. It is possible that the cashless garage nearest to you is 50-60 kms away. You might have to travel a long way in order to avail this facility which might be more of a disadvantage than an advantage, especially if you are in a hurry. In  an emergency, such long detours can cause an unnecessary delay. It is important to consider such factors when opting for cashless garage service.  

3. How to get there?

If your car has met with an accident and cannot be driven, how to get your vehicle to the nearest cashless garage? It is important to consider such possibilities. For this, you can avail of roadside assistance if covered under your auto insurance. A safe way to ensure you are always prepared for such situations is to get a pocket-friendly road trip cover that includes facilities like these. Keep a towing service provider’s number handy for a faster and smoother process.  


Now that we have got our vehicle repaired hassle-free and quick, shall we continue our ride? Accompany us on this long drive and in exchange we will assist you in your search for the perfect auto insurance policy with cashless garage facility! Just head on to Bajaj Markets! The one-stop destination for choosing, applying, and acquiring the insurance that fits in with all your requirements. Get the best of services and easiest of claim processes. Don’t believe it? Go check it out yourself! The drive can wait. 

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