Why are two-wheeler sales rising in India?

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In recent times, the number of two wheelers on the road have been increasing significantly. Owing to huge traffic jams on city roads, two wheelers are emerging as the most popular vehicle of choice for navigating the traffic blockages. Two wheeler sales in India continue to rise, in line with the unabating chaos caused by increased traffic.


Two Wheeler Sales


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As more and more young Indians move to cities and find apartments that are at a distance from their offices, they are choosing to purchase two wheelers for commuting purposes. However, owning a two wheeler comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Having two wheeler insurance is a mandatory requirement for riding them on Indian roads. The best two wheeler insurance, such as those available on Bajaj Markets, covers losses and damages sustained by the bike against natural as well as man-made calamities. You can buy two wheeler insurance online and avail cashless servicing at more than 4,000 garages across the country.

Read on to learn about the factors pushing the increased two wheeler sales in India.


Two Wheeler Sales


Source: Times of India

  1. Convenience on Bad Surfaces:

One factor which cannot be emphasized enough is the convenience offered by two wheelers. Indian roads hold a terrible reputation for the large number of potholes on their surface, and navigating a two wheeler through those potholes is comparatively a much smoother experience than with a car. Since they are easier to maneuver than cars, most people prefer a two wheeler over a four wheeler.

  1. Lightweight:

Two wheelers are lightweight, which is leading to their increased popularity with young women professionals and students. Two wheelers are much easier to manage, and as more and more women join the workforce; they tend to prefer two wheelers for commuting.

  1. Affordability:

Owning a car can be quite an expensive proposition, especially if you are only just starting out at a new job and need a vehicle to commute between home and office. However, a two wheeler is more affordable both in terms of the vehicle’s purchase and upkeep.

  1. Cheaper Insurance Premiums:

Third party insurance is a mandatory requirement to driving on Indian roads, regardless of the vehicle you opt for. While different insurers would offer different premium rates on the basis of their individual specifications, a two wheeler insurance would always be cheaper than four wheeler insurance premiums. For instance, the best two wheeler insurance, such as those available on Bajaj Markets

has premiums starting from Rs. 752 a year whereas premiums start from Rs. 3221 a year for car insurance.

  1. Exemption from Toll Tax:

Two wheelers are exempted from paying toll tax while they are on the road owing to a variety of reasons. Since they do not reduce the road capacity too much when they ply and also their sheer volume on highways is negligible, two wheelers are usually exempted from paying toll tax.

  1. Ease of Parking:

Parking spots are much easier to find for two wheelers than for four wheelers. Since two wheelers are easier to manoeuvre, they can be fitted in between parking spaces also. This same level of convenience is unheard of for cars.

  1. More Freedom and Adventure:

A vehicle is not only meant for commuting between office and work. Once in a while, you can also use your vehicle to go off on a little weekend adventure somewhere close by with friends. On a two wheeler, it would be much easier to head off on a small lane somewhere than it would be with a car. With a two wheeler, you can also make multiple stops just to look at picturesque views – something that is never possible with a car since you would have to always look for a parking spot or somewhere to stop your car in a way that it does not pose any inconvenience to others using the road. Just make sure to buy two-wheeler insurance online before you head off on paths that might prove dangerous to your vehicle.

For a lot of the aforementioned reasons and others, two wheeler sales in India continues to rise. In line with this increased popularity, two wheeler insurers are also coming up with a range of insurance options for commuters. The best two wheeler insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, offers a range of benefits including cashless servicing at more than 4,000 garages across the country, and also includes personal accident coverage within its comprehensive insurance policy. When you buy two wheeler insurance online, you not only get more time for browsing through your options but also enjoy increased transparency and convenience in buying the best two wheeler insurance.

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