Why Having Travel Insurance is the Smarter Way to Travel?

Posted in Pocket Insurance Blogs By Deepshikha Nainani-Feb 8,2022
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Travelling is great fun, isn’t it? Planning and right budgeting adds to the entire plan too. But despite that, there is no guarantee that your plans will go as per you’ve thought them to be. Our travel plans are bound to go through unpredictable mishaps as well, which can indeed ruin our entire travel experience. From theft to meeting with an accident, losing your phone or any other important belonging, etc.- any of such situations can be a downer! Hence comes the need of a travel insurance.

Travel insurance assures that you are well-equipped to tackle any untoward situation that may happen with you during your trip. Let’s understand travel insurance better and why do we need it.


1. Expensive overseas medical emergencies

One might fall ill or meet with an accident while being on an overseas trip. In a foreign land, it gets very tricky to reach out to a medical professional or have an access to the hospital which might provide the cure for that issue. And then of course, the cost of the treatment is there too!

With a travel insurance, it becomes feasible to contact the insurer and in turn, they would help you with a medical expert or doctor available in your area.

2. Delay and cancellation of flights

Flight delays and cancellations are extremely common due to bad weather, operational issues etc. In cases where you cancel your booking, you end up paying the cancellation charges. A travel insurance reimburses you of the non-refundable expenses incurred because of the cancellation. Few travel insurance plans also offer you free meals and stay in the case of flight delay. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

3. Personal Liability

While travelling, there are scenarios where you or your kid are found responsible for injury or property damage suffered by someone else. And then you become liable to pay up for the damages. Travel insurance covers you of such unassumed situations.

4. Loss or ill-treatment towards baggage, phone etc.

Travel insurance helps you stay covered against any theft, loss or mishandling of baggage, passport, phone, cards or any other important belonging.

5. Cover against COVID-19

Currently, most international travel insurance plans help you stay financially protected if you or your family member/members test positive for COVID-19 or need urgent assistance during the difficult time.

6. Loss of travel documents

Losing travel documents can be very stressful, especially in the beginning of the trip. Some of the best travel insurance plans assist in obtaining duplicates of important travel documents like passport, tickets, visa etc. if you lose them while travelling.

7. Losing money while travelling

Some travel insurers pay you a fixed sum if you accidentally lose money while being on a trip due to theft, losing wallet, etc. This can be very helpful as one can practically not imagine travelling without funds in their accounts.

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