10 Bike Fines That Every Motorist Should be Aware of

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India holds the largest number of two-wheelers compared to any other country: around 37 million. Of this number, approximately 21 million motorbikes were sold in 2019, which is twice the amount of sales auto-industries had in India in 2011. Unfortunately, this contributes to the 5 lakh accidents each year in India, with more than 1.5 lakh people dying from them.


10 Important Bike Fines

To promote safety on roads, the punishment for violating traffic rules is updated every year as per Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill. 95% of all road accidents involve two-wheelers. Hence, for two-wheelers, previous fines have increased, and specific violations have been added.


Here are 10 bike fines from 2019.

1. No Helmets

The penalty for not wearing a helmet used to be ₹500 in 2017. In 2019, the Bill proposed to increase it to 20 times the original amount. A bike-fine of ₹ 10,000 is charged if motorists or their passengers are not wearing helmets. The Supreme Court of India has made it illegal to drive a bike in India without a helmet. In addition to a bike fine, one is disqualified from driving their two-wheelers for a minimum of 3 months.

2. Violating Road Rules

For any vehicle, the consequence of violating road rules is a fine of ₹500. It means not stopping at a red light, not following the speed limits on roads or highways, and driving on the wrong side of the road. Not stopping before a pedestrian crossing while the pedestrian sign is on also classifies as a violation of road rules.

3. Driving Without Insurance

Originally, the fine for driving without bike insurance was ₹1000 and 3 months of imprisonment. In 2019, it was updated to ₹2000 and/or 3 months of imprisonment for first-time offenders and ₹4000 and/or 3 months of imprisonment for repeat offenders. Having at least a third-party liability insurance for one’s vehicle is mandatory in India. One great option for bike insurance is the Two wheeler insurance available on Bajaj Markets. With access to cashless facilities at a wide network of garages you can ensure you and your bike are safeguarded at all times.

4. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is not acceptable on roads as it is a major contributor to roadside accidents. The punishment for drunk driving is even worse than that of driving without two wheeler insurance. The Bill has proposed to raise the fine from ₹2000 to ₹10,000 for drunk drivers. There is also a penalty of imprisonment for up to 6 months with this offense.

5. Driving Without License

Even if one has a registered license, not having a physical or digital copy of the document on hand results in a penalty. The penalty for driving without a license has been raised from ₹500 to ₹5000.

6. Rash Driving

Speed thrills. However, according to the stats, it also kills. To promote safe-driving, the fine for speeding has been increased to a steep ₹5000 from an initial ₹500. “Dangerous” driving, which includes trying to do stunts and rash driving costs too. Motorists are charged a fine of ₹5000 if they attempt any form of such driving.

7. Overloading

Initially, there was no penalty for overloading passengers on two-wheelers. Since overloading passengers on one’s vehicle might increase the likelihood of accidents, the law has come into place. Bike fine for each overloaded passenger is ₹1000. For overloading two-wheelers with non-passenger related weight, the fine has increased from ₹100 to ₹2000, with a disqualification of the license for 3 months.

8. Blocking Emergency Vehicles

This is another new law from the 2019 Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill. Blocking an ambulance from passing can cost drivers ₹10,000.

9. Juvenile Offenses

In case, a juvenile (under 18) breaks traffic laws, the parents or guardians are found guilty by the court of India. Punishment for the guilty is 3 years imprisonment with a fine of ₹25,000. In addition to the bike fine, RC cancellation is applied to the vehicle for one year and the juvenile is not allowed to apply for a license until they turn 25.

10. Miscellaneous Violations

Driving your bike with music blaring that distracts other drivers can cost ₹500. Causing unnecessary noise pollution without the use of a silencer on your two-wheeler is also fined ₹500. Using a mobile phone while on a two-wheeler is extremely dangerous, and results in a fine of ₹5000. Leaving your vehicle with its engine switched on, or parking it in a dangerous position is also a violation of the law requiring a fine of ₹500.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of traffic rules to ensure your own safety as well as that of others. The two-wheeler insurance policy on Bajaj Markets comes with benefits like cashless claims, instant hassle-free renewal and no claims bonus!

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