Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance for Disabled Adults

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People with disabilities face a lot of problems in their day to day lives. Travel for many is a huge no-no, given how hard it can be to manage things, and tedious it can get trying to ensure everything goes well.

With time, however, things are changing. It is getting easier for people with disabilities to get around as people are more accommodating, services are tailored to meet their needs, and now, even insurers are providing coverage for individuals with disabilities.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a kind of all-encompassing insurance that provides cover for a wide variety of expenses, ranging from medical expenses and expenses incurred from cancellation of trips to expenses incurred through the loss of luggage or expenses incurred because of accidents while travelling.

Most countries mandate travel insurance for all individuals coming in so that costs, mostly medical, do not need to come out of the country’s exchequer, and instead can be borne by the insurer of the individual.

What is medical travel insurance?

Medical travel insurance is focused on travel insurance which primarily deals with medical costs incurred by an individual while travelling. This protects travellers against all medical contingencies while travelling. This could include hospitalization after an accident, hospitalization due to an illness or any other related medical contingency.

The importance of medical travel insurance

One cannot stress enough on the importance of all sorts of insurance. Medical travel insurance is as important, if not more, like other types of insurance, because as a traveller, you do not belong to the country you are travelling to. Most countries have healthcare systems that charge a great deal more than ours, and even the smallest of procedures or short stints at a medical facility can result in you footing hefty medical bills.

Medical travel insurance for disabled adults

Medical travel insurance for disabled adults is mostly covered in all leading travel insurance plans for disabled individuals. In addition to providing cover for things like cancellation of holidays/tickets, loss of baggage, loss of money or documents, and personal accidents, travel insurance plans for disabled individuals also cover medical and hospital expenses.

Who is it for?

Most usual travel insurance policies do not extend their coverage to individuals with disabilities. This happens mostly because the conditions people with disabilities suffer from are often expressly excluded by insurance providers.

Travel insurance for disabled adults, however, factors in all concerns and provides the same cover that regular travel insurance would. These policies are made for individuals with disabilities and have provisions to specifically cater to them. Since they are made for individuals with disabilities, they cover various conditions which are often excluded from the ambit of other policies.

What does it cover?

The medical aspect of travel insurance for disabled adults can look like:

  • Covering medical expenses up to a certain limit – this includes illnesses, accidents, hospitalization, prescriptions, and most allied expenses under the sun.
  • Covering for loss of medication, since we know how expensive that can get.
  • 24-hour emergency helplines to assist with any emergencies.
  • Loss of or damage to any medical aids (equipment, etc.)
  • Coverage for alternate care-taker.

Advantages of medical travel insurance for disabled adults

Compared to regular travel insurance, travel insurance for disabled adults covers the wider ground, offering protection to individuals with conditions that other insurance providers usually do not cover. It allows you to travel carefree and enjoy your time, knowing that you are protected from many contingencies.

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