Why Bajaj Finserv Supercard is The best in The Market!

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This takes me back to my first job in an IT company. First job and all, all my relatives and friends back in my home town wanted a party from me. I was running out of fingers counting the number of parties I’d have to give, keep aside my limited salary for a minute. Imagine the kind of cash I’d have to keep on me! I then made up my mind, I had to apply for a credit card. Not only was it convenient, but also really cool – just of swipe of your credit card and your payment was done!

I still remember the first family lunch I paid for using my credit card, the look of pride on my parent’s face – almost a validation that I was an independent adult raring to take on the world! Back in the day, signing your credit card purchase receipt with a good pen was so satisfying.

From asking a friend to refer you for a credit card, to simply applying online for a credit card; we’ve come a really long way! I must’ve applied at least for half a dozen credit cards online – each with varied features and benefits. But one of the biggest turn off was the fact they’d say – It will take 20 working days for your Credit Card to reach you. With a purchase / travel in mind, 20 days would be too far away from the date of my intended purchase. However, there was only one credit card that I applied for, which I got within a week. I was amazed with how smooth the experience was. The Bajaj Finserv Credit Card journey was perhaps the simplest. As soon as I applied, I got a call to verify my details. On the same day, an executive even picked up my KYC documents and an application declaration. Timely updates on SMS and my card reached my doorstep in just a week – a simply amazing experience.

The Bajaj RBL Bank Credit Card comes packed with a host of benefits as well. With a superb 5% Cashback and Rewards Program, it’s one of the best credit cards out there. And what’s more – it’s truly a 4 in 1 Supercard! A Credit Card, EMI Card, Loan Card and Cash Card – all packed in one! I can withdraw cash up to a certain limit at 0% interest. I think from being scared to even by mistake withdrawing cash at an ATM using a credit card and attracting heavy interest rates; with the Bajaj RBL Bank credit card, that is something I am not worried about.

For me a credit card is my favourite payment instrument, simply because of the exclusive offers I get when I am shopping online or at a department store. Also, the reward points that I earn, help me subsidize my purchases as well at merchant stores.

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