10 Things to Know to Travel Europe

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Traveling to Europe is always an exciting adventure, but in winter, the joys and excitement are significantly magnified. Europe is known for gaining an ethereal, magical quality during winter with Christmas and New Years to celebrate. Europe also experiences snowfall in most parts of the continent, and witnessing snowfall in Europe can be a magical experience in itself.

While witnessing snowfall can be a magical experience, it is also necessary to equip yourself with some winter travel tips in advance so you can make the most out of your travels. For instance, before you travel out of the country, make sure to buy the best travel insurance customised for your needs. You can buy Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, which offers coverage in case of unexpected problems such as your flight being delayed or loss of luggage.

Read on to learn about a few other winter travel tips that will prove useful as you travel through Europe.

1. Make a List of Places you Want to Visit:

In the summer months, Europe is crowded by tourists who want to visit all the major historical sites scattered throughout the continent. In winters, though, the stream of tourists dry up which allows you to easily visit all the different spots. Make a list of all the places that you want to visit and begin your tour early in the morning since these places also shut much sooner during winter.

2.Try and Visit During Christmas:

Christmas is an amazing time to visit Europe, as is evident from the amount of literature and films devoted to the festival, that have emerged from different countries in Europe. Entire streets come alive, decked with lights and overflowing with special Christmas treats and drinks. If you are visiting Europe during winter, make sure that your trip coincides with Christmas celebrations across the continent.

3. Pack Winter Clothing:

If you are a person who’s traditionally lived in the plains, winter in Europe can turn out to be a shocking surprise. It will get very cold, regardless of which part of Europe you are in, even if you are close to the coast. You can prepare for this by carrying warm clothes, including thermals, which will keep the worst of the cold out and let you travel in leisure.

4. Be Prepared for Delays in Travel:

Thick layers of ice and snow blanket most parts of Europe during winter, and regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, it is possible to get held up because of the weather conditions. Make sure to plan your itinerary with gaps enough to account for any delays and/or flight cancellations. You can also avoid major inconvenience by buying the best travel insurance which will provide coverage, in the event of flight cancellations. Buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, and avail reimbursement on your cancelled flights/trains.

5. Make the Most of Daylight Hours:

Winter days are extremely short in Europe, and the hours reduce the further north you go. As a result, it is essential that you plan your tour with a realistic idea of all that you want to see and how much time it will require.

6. Spend as Little Time Outdoors as Possible:

The extreme temperatures prevalent in Europe will sap your strength if you spend too much time outdoors. Use the public transportation system judiciously, and make sure to pop into the little cafes to rejuvenate after spending time outside. Try to stay sheltered as you travel through Europe.

7. Buy Boots:

One of the most important winter travel tips for people visiting Europe during the cold months, you would do well to remember this. Snow and ice throughout Europe can be loose and often give rise to accidents. Before you visit Europe, it is essential that you buy boots with a sturdy grip that will help you maintain your balance as you tread through snow.

8. Go to Berlin for New Years’ Eve:

Berlin is a magical place during the Christmas holidays and New Years’ Eve is a magnificent celebration in the German capital. If you are spending the winter months in Europe and are unsure of where you should ring in the New Year, head to Berlin for an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

9. Visit the Alps:

The Alps are a paradise when it snows, and it’s the best place for you to experience snow-based adventures including skiing and snowboarding. You can also visit the villages, nestled among the snow-capped mountains and take away memories for a lifetime.

10. Visit the Northern Lights:

Head to Finland, and book yourself into a glass igloo which allows you to view the aurora borealis stretched out across the sky. The Northern Lights are a remarkable natural phenomenon, and if you are in Europe during winter, you must make it a point to view these.

Aside from the winter travel tips listed above, it is always a good idea to buy the best travel insurance available to you before you head out of the country. Bajaj Markets offers travel insurance coverage against burglaries at home and access to over 10,000 hospitals across the world in case you face a medical emergency.

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