Two Wheelers With Bluetooth Connectivity - List of Bikes & Details

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If you are someone who likes cruising, you would know how important it is to have a good, well-tuned bike. If you have good connectivity on the bike a great Bluetooth for two-wheelers — then you are all set to hit the road and navigate your way through towns and cities without much hassle.

What is a bluetooth enabled two-wheeler?

In today’s world, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that connectivity is key. With new and novel technologies cropping up, we look for enhanced connectivity in everything we do. With the shift in technology, several bike manufacturers are all set to enhancing connectivity options. Since consumers today want connectivity on the go, two-wheelers with Bluetooth are rapidly gaining popularity. With a bluetooth-enabled two-wheeler, you can have your phone connected to your bike, and have access to a ton of information, including your riding statistics, servicing details, directions for navigation and notifications of incoming calls. This is all handily displayed on the instrument console.

Indian bikes with Bluetooth

Bikes with Bluetooth are a relatively newer concept in India. The KTM 390 Duke was the first bike to introduce Bluetooth. Following in the footsteps of KTM, Hero, TVS, and Piaggio have also introduced two-wheelers with Bluetooth. Even Yamaha jumped on the bandwagon and introduced the technology in its newer FZ and YZF series.

These companies, are undoubtedly aiming to lure the tech-driven youth of India.


Two Wheeler With Bluetooth Conenction


Scooters with Bluetooth

TVS became the first company in India to launch a scooter with Bluetooth connectivity. The TVS Ntorq comes with a digital console that displays a lot of information — thanks to Bluetooth connectivity — on the dashboard. The displays also include incoming calls and messages, along with navigation directions.

You can pair the scooter with your phone to check out your ride statistics,bike servicing details, and service reminders. You can also get access to the last parked location of your scooter.

Other scooter brands come with Bluetooth as well, such as the TVS Jupiter Grande edition, Vespa VLS 150, and Aprilia SR 150.

What are the possible risks?

One of the risks that are associated with Bluetooth is a distraction. Since your bike is connected to your phone all the time, the chances are that you might feel distracted while riding. One right way to make sure that you rule out the risk of financial loss led by accidents due to such distractions is by getting two-wheeler insurance. Insurance policies on Bajaj Markets come with attractive offers, such as free servicing across numerous service centers in India.

With good bike insurance in place, you can be assured that you do not fall prey to the financial burden that may arise in case any mishap happens.

To rule out the risks of an accident, make sure that you use the Bluetooth on your two-wheeler with much caution. Distracted driving can pose a lot of risks. In India, around 400 people die every day due to road incidents, and a large part of it can often be traced back to distracted driving.

Should you buy a Bluetooth enabled two-wheeler?

With the New Year around the corner, it is a great time to buy these two-wheelers with Bluetooth. The holiday season brings in several discounts. With so many discounts to avail, you can choose your bike or scooter with a good Bluetooth and bring it home.

After you buy the two-wheeler, you should also make sure that you have all of your papers in place. Make sure that you have done your bike’s registration in time and have got two-wheeler insurance. Having bike insurance not only secures you financially but also saves you from heavy traffic penalties.

If you are looking to buy bike insurance, then you can head over to Bajaj Markets. Two-wheeler insurance on Bajaj Markets comes at attractive costs that do not weigh heavily on your wallet. They also come with a zero percent commission.

The process of getting insurance is quite simple. All you have to do is choose a cover, fill in the details of your vehicle in the form, and mark the assessment by the insurer. Post that, you can complete the payment for your policy. Once you do all of these, you will have the policy issued under your name.

With more than 100 million customers, you can be assured that your financial needs under the policy are well taken care of.

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