What is trail running and why is it increasing in popularity?

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For centuries, people have sought the wonder of nature to help them become better at what they do. Philosophers, writers and scientists have retreated into nature to help stimulate their creativity, solve problems and come up with brilliant ideas. There is truly something about reconnecting with the simplicity of nature that proves extremely beneficial to the human mind and body.

This idea lies at the heart of the activity known as trail running, which is simply defined as ‘running, but alongside nature’. So, this World Nature Day, let us take a closer look at the emerging sport of trail running and why it is becoming increasingly popular with fitness enthusiasts around the world.

What is trail running?

Trail running is a form of sport-activity that combines running and hiking. Running as an activity is generally done on roads or sport tracks, where the surface is flat and more or less constant. Hiking, on the other hand, is a form of walking that requires more exertion than running and requires canvassing of different natural areas such as mountains and forests.

Trail running, on the other hand, takes the best of both worlds. It generally takes place on nature trails that have already been carved, making it less vigorous than hiking. However, since these nature trails are generally found on mountains, trail running becomes more challenging than road running, yet comes with the benefit of running across various types of terrain found in nature. There are several idyllic locations that are known far and wide for their nature trails. As a contingency plan, opting for Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, such as that available on Finserv MARKETS is always a great start.

Trail Running
Source: Shape Magazine

What are the benefits of trail running?

Road running is a simple idea: you put on your sneakers, find a good, uncrowded stretch of road near your home and get running. Nature trails, on the other hand, can be harder to find nearby and often require that extra bit of time to reach their locations. However, the benefits of trail running seem to outweigh the efforts required in finding them, which is why running enthusiasts are increasingly seeking our trail running as an alternative to running on roads. Let us take a look at the reasons why:

  • Improved technique: Since trail running is generally done on natural terrains, the ground for running is often uneven. Hence, runners take shorter, quicker strides which leads them to improve their gait, landing on the forefoot and not the heel. Compared to roads, this unevenness of surface improves their technique and challenges their coordination, agility and balance with each new trail.
  • Effect on mental health: One of the prime benefits of trail running is that it takes you away from the noise and business of concrete jungles of cities and therefore, helps you relax mentally. Also, running in the heart of nature means that there is no one to distract you and no vehicles that might come in your way. This allows the runner to truly focus on the run and enjoy the experience.
  • Healthier option, with fewer injuries: Running in nature trails, surrounded by greenery, allows you to exercise your body in an environment that is rich in oxygen. This improves the benefits your body reaps from the physical exertion. Moreover, since nature trails are softer, they help a runner avoid the type of injuries that are sustained by falling on concrete.

Whether you are a pro-runner or simply a beginner looking for a peaceful running experience, the many benefits of trail running might just make it the sport for you. With a little research, you can locate the nearest hiking trails in your area, pack a water bottle, put on those sneakers, and start your trail running experience. When setting out on your expedition, Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, should be another important item on that checklist.


Trail Running


Source: University of Utah

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