Winter Travel Essentials

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For those of us keen on exploring mountains, snow and chilly weather, winter is the perfect time to travel. There is something about the peace and beauty of wintry locales that brings tourists flocking there this time of the year. However, the low temperatures can pose a challenge for travelers that sometimes find themselves unprepared for the new climate. If you too are planning on traveling for a winter vacation, one of the top questions on your mind must be: what should I bring along?

So, to lend you a hand, here is a basic list of 8 winter travel essentials that you must bring with you on your next winter vacation.

But before all else, make sure that your vacation is spent safe and carefree by safeguarding your trip with a reliable travel insurance. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, for instance, provides coverage for not only medical emergencies but also delayed flights, loss of luggage, visa requirements and trip cancellations.

  1. The right woollens:

When traveling in winter, it is best not to pack a basic, generic set of woollen clothes. Instead, it is recommended to do some prior research to know the kind of low temperatures you might be expecting at your vacation spot and pack accordingly. Pack light woollens for chilly climates and thick, layered woollens for snowy weather. Make sure to pack a sturdy hat, a pair of gloves, a cosy scarf and a reliable sweater to help you stay warm. For freezing temperatures, it is best to invest in a thick wool lined jacket.

  1. The right footwear:

It is a common mistake to assume our usual canvas or sports shoes will suffice for travelling in winter. But the truth is, some cold climates make it necessary to bring along a good, sturdy pair of boots to help keep your feet warm and protected from the chills. In fact, if you’re heading for snowy terrain, make sure the boots have a good grip and enough space to fill multiple layers of socks.


Winter Travel Essentials


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  1. Thermal wear:

Of course, the effectiveness of any winter wear is incomplete without the protection of thermal wear underneath. Thermal wear is typically capable of retaining heat for long periods of time and hence is essential for travelling in low temperatures. It is best to invest in a set of thin, woollen thermal shirt and leggings and wear them underneath your usual set of clothes.

  1. Medicine:

When planning for your winter vacation, an important thing to keep in mind is the effect that the new, colder climate might have on your body. People often find themselves prone to ailments like cough, cold and flu or even cramps and muscle pain. So, make sure to be prepared for these symptoms by carrying a medicine box with you, prepared with nasal decongestants, a balm, cough relief medication and pain relief tablets.

However, while there are minor emergencies that one can prepare for, there are others that are harder to predict. Particularly, when traveling in a strange place, it is best to have the assurance that you are covered for the worst-case scenario. That is why the travel insurance at Bajaj Markets can offer you some much-needed peace of mind when traveling this winter. Not only does it cover overseas medical emergencies, but also incidents such as natural or man-made disasters.

  1. Heat packs:

For those of us extra prone to getting cold, heat packs can work wonders. The chemical gel inside these heating packs helps keep their temperature fairly high for a long period of time. This makes them the perfect companions for warmth when temperatures drop lower than you expected. They also come in rechargeable options, so make sure to count them among your winter travel essentials.

  1. Thermos flask:

An tried-and-tested companion for all families, the reliable thermos flask is always a lifesaver. Whenever in need of the warmth of a hot drink, the thermos flask will serve you with hot beverage of your choice at a piping hot temperature.

  1. Balms and moisturizers:

If you live in a region with high temperatures and high humidity, it might be hard for you to know exactly how dry the weather in winter locations can be. The low humidity in cold regions can often cause dry, flaky skin and lead to chapped lips. Therefore, packing for winter vacation is incomplete without including a pack of moisturizing lotion and lip balms for the family.

  1. Travel Insurance:

Lastly but most importantly, while packing for your winter trip is essential, it is far more important to first ensure your safety and that of your family. After all, while vacations to new locations bring with them a sense of adventure, you might also find yourself in an unexpected and unpleasant situation. So, to safeguard yourself from any unfortunate incidents, make sure to avail a reliable, extensive travel insurance such as the one available on Bajaj Markets.

With this complete list of your winter travel essentials, all that remains is to get shopping and packing up for your exciting winter trip. And of course, to protect yourself and your family from any unplanned incidents, you can avail travel insurance coverage on Bajaj Markets and check off one crucial point in this list of essentials. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, can provide you with an extensive coverage with over 10,000 hospitals all around the world. Whether you are a student, a solo traveler or a family, there is sure to be a travel insurance plan specifically customized for you.

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