Budget-friendly Health Insurance Covers For You: Part 1

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-Sep 23,2022
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As children, we read about the macabre story of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. The plot consisted of a talented doctor who changed the course of humanity and nature with his in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. With his assistant, the doctor pieced together the remains of the deceased to create a human from scratch. 

While the story ended badly for the doctor, you could steer the course of events for favourable outcomes. And, no, we don’t mean patching up the dead! This time you could create full-fledged health insurance backup with or without the premium. Still not catching on? Here’s the whole picture.

When browsing different health insurance policies available in the market, the price tag or premium could scare away potential customers. And, why wouldn’t it? Certain factors like age, pre-existing diseases and add-on covers can increase the cost of premium. Since this is a recurring expense with responsibilities like timely payments and renewals, it could be cumbersome for policyholders. 

Certain policies or insurers have long waiting periods for specific health conditions that could inconvenience policyholders. So, what if the policyholder needs to make an urgent claim? They would be left financially stranded with few means to finance hefty medical expenses.

In such situations, you could “Frankenstein” yourself the ideal health cover with pocket insurance! These small-ticket insurance policies can fulfil a variety of purposes. And, don’t be fooled by their humble premiums! Pocket insurance is loaded with numerous benefits and is a comprehensive cover for specific health conditions like illnesses and diseases. Moreover, they also cover injuries caused by accidents, disorders, etc.

Read on to find out more about the best pocket insurance covers available. You can use this information to boost your existing policy by adding another layer of protection for a small price. Or, substitute health insurance with bite-sized policies until your finances improve!


5 Pocket Insurance Policies with Health Cover

Post-pandemic India faces the troubling problem of rising healthcare costs. In the face of this reality, not owning health insurance can pose a threat to your finances. It’s unlikely that a regular income can finance sudden hospitalisations or the expenses that tag along with accidents or illnesses. Opt for the following health pocket insurance covers to protect yourself and your family from the unforeseeable.  

Hospital Cash Insurance  

Medical emergencies are unpredictable, often carrying numerous expenses like doctor’s fees, medication bills, etc. Your existing savings reserve would begin depleting without adequate finances. In such cases, it’s best to have purchased a hospital cash insurance policy beforehand. It’s a tailor-made solution to financial constraints caused by unexpected expenses.  

Premium for hospital cash cover policy start at ₹489 and go up to ₹1,034 as per the policyholder’s age. With a validity of one year, you can avail a daily cash allowance of ₹1,000 to meet medical expenses and other daycare costs.  

Child Personal Accident Insurance Cover  

Nothing can soothe a parent if a concern involves their children. Being one step away from bubble-wrapping their children for extra safety, pocket insurance offers better alternatives. The Child Personal Accident Insurance Cover provides financial support to parents with a hefty sum insured of ₹1 lakh.  

This policy’s extensive coverage can offer solace to those concerns by covering the costs of medical expenses associated with accidents. Simply pay a premium of ₹323 to avail these benefits and cover your children against unforeseeable accidents.  

Pregnancy Complication Insurance

Apprehension and excitement are part of the journey to motherhood, but the path of expecting mothers is littered with risks and rewards. A sudden health complication could affect the mother or impact the growth of her unborn child. These unpredictable complications would increase the maternity expenses of young couples or those with financial constraints. Opt for pregnancy complication insurance to mitigate such risks when encountered.  

The premium for this policy is ₹499 p.a. for a sum insured of ₹50,000 with a validity of one year. Avail benefits like coverage for doctor’s fees, pre-hospitalisation expenses, etc.  

Kidney Stones Insurance  

Certain lifestyle or family medical history-oriented diseases can cause strife in your day-to-day routine. Kidney stone is a condition caused by deposits of minerals and salt in your kidneys. This condition can cause significant pain to patients, requiring immediate treatment. With the Kidney Stones Insurance policy, you can avail quick funds for treatment and cover associated expenses.  

For a premium of ₹499, policyholders will receive a sum insured of ₹50,000 to manage the treatment costs. It includes pre-hospitalisation, hospitalisation, medications, etc.  

Accidental Death Insurance Policy  

Families that are dependent on a single income could suffer grave consequences after the demise of the primary bread earner. Moreover, things like previous debts and loans would throw their finances for a toss without enough savings and inheritance. To prevent such scenarios, it’s advised to opt for the accidental death insurance policy 

Those interested in purchasing the policy must pay a nominal premium of ₹594. In return, this pocket insurance policy will ensure that the nominated dependant of the policyholder receives a sum insured of ₹3 lakhs after their demise.  

So, what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your loved ones from accidents and illnesses without compromising on finances! These budget-friendly policies won’t dwindle those savings or cause any grievances. Head to Bajaj Markets and purchase one of these nifty pocket insurance policies today!  

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