5 Shopping Lessons for Navratri 2022

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The beginning of Navratri marks the beginning of the shopping spree for Indian households as it sets the stage for many festivals to come. The festival is symbolic of the victory of good over evil, with each day dedicated to the worship of a different avatar of the goddess Durga. Inspired by the reason and the love for shopping during our beloved Navratri festival, here are a few shopping lessons that can help you shop to your heart’s content during this festive season:

  1. Shop Safe: The biggest lesson that the year 2022 has taught us is to move on with our lives taking as much precaution as we possibly can. This also calls for taking precaution during the much awaited festive season. Prepare a list of items you require in advance rather than window shopping, wash your hands with soap as frequently as you can and make sure you carry a hand sanitizer wherever you go.
  2. Purchase Online: Online shopping is the superhero we desperately need in these times. It helps us keep up the celebratory mode on without compromising on our health and safety. With huge discounts being offered on top brands across e-commerce portals, this is a perfect way to shop this festive season. This way, you will not only save big on the bucks but also prevent risking your health by not visiting the usually hoarded garments and home appliance stores during these times.
  3. Shop on EMI: Shopping on EMI, not only makes it more convenient but more fun when you avail the no cost EMI option using the EMI card on your favourite e-commerce websites. The no cost EMI payment method converts the value of the purchased items on the shopping platform into easy EMIs without any additional interest. In addition, cards like Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card helps you buy high-value items on zero down payment and No Cost EMIs.
  4. Mark your calendars: With massive sales lined up back to back on all major e-commerce websites, make sure you mark your calendars in advance and maybe even take a virtual stroll to see what you like so that you can keep an eye out for price-drops or deals on your favourite products by adding them to your wish list. No harm in window shopping, right!
  5. Compare & buy: This rule stays untouched. Make sure that once you choose a product, you compare it with similar products to see which is giving you more value for money. There is a higher chance of you finding a better deal once you compare multiple products across e-commerce portals like the Bajaj Markets eStore before deciding.

Once you have checked all the above points, make sure that you are ready with your EMI Card to shop for your favourite products online on EMI without credit Card. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is a digital payment system that does away with the need to make complete cash payments instantly. The card offers a range of benefits, which makes it perfect for keeping your finances in check. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card benefits are as follows-

  1. It comes with a high pre-approved loan amount, which can be used to shop on online portal as well as in any of the 84,200+ Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card accepted shops across 1,300+ cities. As a result, you can pay using the money on your card and save your funds for exigencies.
  2. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card lets you choose your preferred repayment tenure. It can range from anywhere between 3 months to 24 months. As a result, you can modify the timeline of repayment based on your priorities without derailing your financial goals.
  3. The card offers the advantage of no cost EMI that essentially lets you purchase on borrowed credit without having to pay interest on it. This helps you keep your expenses on track and allows you to budget and save money which you can invest to fulfil short term, mid-term, or long term goals.
  4. You can purchase items on the card on zero down payment as well as enjoy a host of offers and deals that also allow you to save money and budget it.
  5. There are no Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card charges levied if you foreclose your loan. As a result, you can repay the entire amount anytime by revisiting the expenses made and making necessary adjustments as and when you have steady cash.
  6. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can be easily accessed from the Bajaj Customer portal which lets you seamlessly manage all your EMI purchases, pending payments, past payments, loan amounts, missed EMIs, etc. This enables you to track and realign your finances periodically.

Don’t wait, start making your shopping list now! Check the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card on Bajaj Markets and apply for Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card today!

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