A fixed deposit is the ideal investment option for investors looking to park their money safely for the long term. Since it allows you to earn returns based on a predetermined interest rate, it is most suitable to diversify risk and safeguard your corpus. 


IDBI Bank offers multiple FD schemes with varied interest rates for different tenors. To compare these FDs and choose the best-suited scheme in no time at all, use the IDBI Bank FD calculator.


This online tool allows you to estimate the returns you can earn from a particular FD with ease. Armed with this data, you can select a fixed deposit scheme that aligns with your future financial goals. 

Read on to know the benefits of using the IDBI Bank FD calculator and check the bank’s latest FD rates.

IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator

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Interest Rates Offered by IDBI Bank FDs

The following table provides details about the current interest rates offered on fixed deposits by IDBI Bank for investments under ₹2 Crores: 

Investment Tenors

Regular Investors (p.a.) 

Senior Citizens (p.a.)

7 Days – 20 Years 

3.00% - 6.80%

3.50% - 7.30%

5 Years (Tax-Saving FD)



Disclaimer: The interest rates listed above are current as of October 2023 and are subject to change as per the bank’s policy.

Benefits of the IDBI Bank FD Calculator

Assessing if an investment can help you fulfil your future needs by offering optimal returns is critical when choosing an avenue. In the case of fixed deposit investments, an FD calculator allows you to do that and much more. 


Here are some of the benefits of using an IDBI Bank FD calculator:  

1. Simplifies FD Earnings Calculation

There are mathematical formulas that you can use to calculate FD returns manually as well as on Excel. However, you may find the entire process complicated and human errors are always a possibility when calculating FD payouts manually. 


Instead, by using the IDBI Bank FD calculator, you can easily compute your FD returns in a few clicks.

2. Allows Comparison Between Different FD Schemes

The IDBI Bank FD calculator also allows you to compare different FD schemes the bank offers and choose the one that offers the highest returns. In addition, you can compare the payouts with earnings from FDs offered by other issues to make the best investment decision. 

3. Saves Time and Effort 

The IDBI Bank fixed deposit calculator provides you with an estimate of FD returns almost instantly. Thus, it is a practical, quick, and convenient way to calculate your earnings as opposed to doing multiple calculations manually. 

4. Helps in Informed Decision-Making

IDBI Bank fixed deposits offer great flexibility in terms of tenors, which range between 7 days and 20 years. The IDBI Bank fixed deposit calculator helps you determine which tenor best fits your goals in the short and long term. 


It also helps you plan your other investments in a more informed manner as it helps forecast your gains. 


In addition to all these benefits, the IDBI Bank FD calculator is an easy-to-use online tool. All you need to do is enter variables like the initially invested amount, the interest rate offered by the bank, and the chosen tenor.


If you’re looking to get started with your savings journey right away, consider booking a fixed deposit on Bajaj Markets. Compare the returns from different issuers in seconds and make the right investment decision. 


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FAQs on the IDBI FD Calculator

The IDBI Bank FD Rates Calculator computes your FD earnings using the compound interest formula, i.e., [P (1 + r/n)^n X t] – P. 


P = Principal amount

r = Interest rate

n = Compounding periods in a year

t = Tenor

As of October 2023, you can enjoy an interest rate of 6.80% p.a. on IDBI Bank FD with a tenor ranging between 1 year and 2 years. This is the highest range of interest rate the bank offers for deposits under ₹2 Crores for regular citizens. As a senior investor, you can enjoy rates of 7.30% on the same terms. You can use the IDBI Bank fixed deposit calculator to determine the returns you will get by the end of this tenor.

Yes, you can calculate the amount you need to invest to earn your desired returns using the IDBI fixed deposit interest calculator. Simply tweak variables like the principal and tenor until you get to the earnings you need.

IDBI Bank offers an interest rate of 6.50% p.a. on tax-saving FDs for the general public and 7% p.a. to senior citizens.

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