Earn interest up to 8.60% p.a. by investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit | Rated CRISIL AAA/ STABLE and [ICRA]AAA(stable) Invest Now

With interest rates going up to 8.50% per annum, the IndusInd Bank FD is among the top fixed deposits available in the market. Fixed deposits are a great investment option as they offer stable returns and inject stability into the mix. 


However, like any other investment, if your FD investment is not optimised, you may not get the returns you hoped. This ultimately might make it difficult to achieve financial objectives. One of the best ways to optimise your fixed deposit investment is to use the FD calculator on IndusInd Bank’s portal or on Bajaj Markets. 

IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator

The FD calculator on IndusInd Bank’s portal uses your investment tenor to give you an estimate of the interest you will receive when your FD matures. With this information, you can understand whether the  tenor chosen may give you the returns you need. 


In case the returns are not on par with your expectations, you can adjust the tenor to figure out which investment amount and tenor gives you the best returns. This way you ensure that your returns meet your requirements and you make the most of your investment. 

Deposit Amount
Interest Rate
Interest Payout
Your Total Maturity Amount is
Your Total Maturity Amount is
Total Investment
Total Interest Earned

How Can the IndusInd Bank FD Calculator Help You

The main benefit of the FD calculator is that you get the  rate of interest, applicable for the tenor chosen by you. This estimate provides insight into whether the fixed deposit tenor chosen would give you the returns you want. 


The calculator uses your investment amount, tenor, interest rate, and pay-out option to give you an idea of your maturity amount and interest earnings. You can use the IndusInd FD rates calculator to compare the returns for different investment terms and FDs from different issuers.


This way, you can choose the FD details that best suit your needs. All in all, the IndusInd Bank FD interest calculator enables you to make an informed decision about your fixed deposit investment, helping you capitalise on the FD to the fullest.



How to Use the IndusInd Bank FD Calculator

Using the FD interest calculator for the IndusInd Bank fixed deposit is simple, easy, and requires minimal information. To use the calculator, you need the following information:

  • Choose investor type (senior or non-senior citizens)

  • Investment amount

  • Investment tenor

  • Applicable Interest rate


Note: The returns computed by this calculator is only on FDs with cumulative interest option which is held till maturity.


Once you complete the above steps, the FD calculator will display the applicable interest rate and the maturity amount instantaneously. You will also be able to see the breakup of your investment amount and the interest earnings. 

Return Comparison

Given below is a tabular overview of the returns you can earn for different investment tenor for senior and non-senior investors investing ₹1 Lakh in an FD.


Interest rate for non-senior citizens (p.a.)

Returns on Maturity

Interest rate for senior citizens (p.a.)

Returns on maturity

14 days





30 days





45 days





60 days





90 days





120 days





180 days





210 days





269 days





364 days





365 days





730 days





1095 days





1460 days





1825 days





1856 days & above





Disclaimer: The above returns are an estimate and may vary depending on your FD terms and applicable rates. 

Note : Tax/TDS implications are not considered while displaying the returns by the calculator

Advantages of Using the IndusInd Bank FD Calculator

Listed below are some of the benefits you can enjoy by using the IndusInd Bank FD calculator.

  • Optimise your investment for maximum returns

  • Get instant and error-free estimates

  • Compare returns for different terms


Armed with this information regarding the IndusInd Bank FD rates return calculator, be sure to use it before starting your fixed deposit. This way you can avoid issues when investing and get the returns to enjoy financial growth seamlessly.


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FAQs on IndusInd Bank FD Calculator

Yes, you can use the fixed deposit interest calculator on devices that support a web browser. 

To use the IndusInd Bank fixed deposit interest calculator, you will need the investment amount, tenor, and interest pay-out frequency. 

Using the FD interest calculator will provide you with an estimate of your returns. As such, you can adjust the investment terms to figure out the amount and period of your fixed deposit and make your investment efficient.

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