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✓Minimal Documentation ✓Flexible Repayment ✓Collateral Free Loan | Apply for Business Loan Now!

Business Loan in Agra

Agra, one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh, is home to the world-renowned Taj Mahal. This city has a great historical significance and hence, attracts tourists in large numbers. Apart from being a tourist hub, Agra has immense scope for small businesses due to the continuous arrival of tourists from various parts of the world. Agra has more than 7000 small scale industries and it is one of the fastest growing cities in India.


Since Agra is an emerging city for startups, a large number of entrepreneurs are availing business loans to fund their business. As a result of a comparatively lower interest rate, business loans have become a popular financing option. However, before applying for a business loan, it is necessary to check the eligibility criteria set by the financial institution. The eligibility criteria of business loans might differ from one lender to another. If the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria, they can apply for a business loan by filling an online application form and uploading all the required documents.

Business Loan in Agra at Finserv MARKETS

Availing Bajaj Finserv Business loan in Agra is a hassle-free process. Borrowers can easily apply for a business loan at Finserv MARKETS. Post this, the verification process will be initiated by the lender. Once the verification is done, the loan amount would be disbursed within 24 hours. With Finserv MARKETS, the entire process is full of ease. Right from borrowing the loan amount to the repayment of the loan, Bajaj Finserv Business loans offer complete freedom to their customers. Applicants can choose the loan term as per their convenience. They can also get an estimate of their monthly installments with the help of an online business loan EMI calculator. This can help them plan their monthly budget efficiently.


By availing a business loan at Finserv MARKETS, borrowers can also access their loan account online. This helps them to keep a track of their balance, the amount of interest they have to pay on the principal, and their remaining tenure. Bajaj Finserv Business Loan ensures that the entrepreneurs get the desired loan amount within the stipulated time so that they do not miss out on any opportunity due to lack of funds. While availing Bajaj Finserv Business Loan in Agra, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the loan agreement carefully before signing it.

Features of Business Loan in Agra:

  • High Loan Amount

You can easily avail a business loan amount up to Rs. 30 Lakhs at Finserv MARKETS. A high credit score will make you eligible for a higher loan amount at a reasonable business loan interest rate.

  • Collateral-Free Loan

Since business loans at Finserv MARKETS are unsecured loans, you do not have to pledge any collateral while availing the loan amount. This will keep your valuable assets safe in case you have to default the loan amount.

  • Flexible Tenure

The repayment tenure of the business loan ranges from 12 to 60 months. Applicants can choose a tenure according to their convenience. It is advisable to opt for a short term business loan if you have a high repayment capacity. This will decrease the cost of borrowing and help you save the money by reducing the overall interest outgo.

Eligibility Criteria to avail a Business Loan in Agra at Finserv MARKETS

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen

  • The applicant must be between 26-66 years of age.

  • Must have a business vintage of at least 3 years

Documents Required to avail a Business Loan in Agra

  • Identity proof : (Passport/Id card/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card). It can be any one of them.

  • Residence proof : (Passport/voter card/driving license/Aadhar Card/Ration Card). Applicants who are living in a rented apartment must submit their rental agreement.

  • The applicant will be required to submit their PAN card.

Now that you have a fair understanding of various aspects related to business loans in Agra, ensure to make the most of it if you are looking to expand your business in the city of Agra.