Car Insurance in Pune

Pune is called the "Oxford of the East". It is India's largest commercial city with prime IT hubs. In quest of better prospects and employment, people across the country have relocated to Pune, leading to an exponential rise in vehicles on the roads. A large number of vehicles means heavy traffic jams, increasing the chances of accidents. Accidents can cost you heavily in terms of injuries, damage to third-party property, and expensive car repair costs. Hence, it is crucial to have car insurance in Pune. It will protect you from expensive repair costs, medical emergencies, third-party damage, etc.

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About Car Insurance in Pune

Over the past decade, Pune has emerged as one of the largest industrial and IT hubs in the country and lakhs of people have moved to the city in search of better opportunities and jobs. With the large boom in population, the number of vehicles on Pune roads has also increased exponentially. It is quite common for drivers to get stuck in long traffic jams on the city roads. The increased traffic also increases the chances of getting into accidents. Though injuries and related medical expenses are a major concern, the repair costs for your expensive cars can also be overwhelming. However, car insurance in Pune can keep you protected against these expensive repairs. In this article, we’ll take a look at look the details of car insurance in Pune, and its advantages.

Best Car Insurance Plans

In case you are looking to buy a vehicle insurance in Pune, you can check out the car insurance plans at Bajaj MARKETS in the table below, along with their important features:


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co

Acko General Insurance Ltd

HDFC Ergo General Ltd

Third-party cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Premium Amount

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

No of Network Garages


100% cashless garages


Claim Settlement Ratio




Additional Covers

Benefits of Car Insurance

As per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to have third-party insurance for their vehicles. However, there are multitudes of advantages that come with comprehensive car insurance:

  • Keeps Your Vehicle Financially Secure

A comprehensive car insurance provides financial coverage for your vehicle against accidental damages which helps you save a ton of money. With inflation and rising costs of cars and car parts, even small damages to your car can put a dent in your savings. If your car is seriously damaged, you may have to spend lakhs on repairs. Save on these costs by getting a good insurance plan.

  • Personal Hospital Cover

A comprehensive car insurance plan will not only keep your car protected against accidental damages but will also provide medical cover for you in case you sustain injuries in an accident. Medical care is extremely expensive in private hospitals and it is better to be covered than lose all your life savings in hospital bills.


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  • Obligation to the Law

As mentioned above, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to have insurance for their vehicles. Driving without insurance can lead to heavy fines and even imprisonment. By getting comprehensive insurance, you can rest assured that your legal obligations are fulfilled and you won’t have to worry about paying fines or imprisonment if you are checked by the traffic police.

  • Add-On Covers

If you plan on buying comprehensive insurance, you should know that you will also have the option to buy extra add-on covers such as zero depreciation cover or consumables cover that can give you and your car the extra protection if needed.


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  • Third-Party Cover

When you buy a comprehensive insurance policy, you also get third-party car insurance coverage included in your plan. This covers the cost of damages to the third-party vehicle, as well as medical expenses for the third party involved in an accident.

  • No Claim Bonus

If you have been using insurance for a full policy term and have not made any claims, use the ‘No Claim Bonus’ (NCB) to get a discount on your insurance premiums at the time of renewals. The best part is, NCB can also be transferred to your new insurance plan if you wish to switch insurance providers.

  • Peace of Mind

If you have an insurance plan in place for your vehicle that will keep you financially covered against these losses, you can rest easy without having to worry about losing money for medical reasons, third party, or getting caught by authorities for driving without insurance.

Network Garages in Pune

Another advantage that many motor insurance companies offer is the facility of network garages. In case your vehicle gets damaged in an accident, you can take it to a network garage affiliated with your insurer and get it repaired without paying anything. The network garage will directly settle the repair bills with your insurance provider. However, it is important to note that if the cost of your repairs exceeds the maximum coverage offered by your insurance plan, you will have to pay the balance of repair expenses out of your own pocket. You can take a look at the list of network garages affiliated with our partner insurers down below.

Wrapping it Up

While Pune is a great place to live and work in, the dense traffic on roads increases the chances of your vehicle getting into an accident. Even if you drive with the utmost care, accidents can happen due to other rash drivers. Hence, it is better to be prepared by getting good car insurance in Pune that will keep you and your vehicle financially covered against accidental expenses. Check out the best car insurance in Pune with plans from Bajaj MARKETS. 

Check Out Car Insurance Plans Available at Bajaj MARKETS

FAQs on Car Insurance in Pune

  • ✔️Can I drive my car without car insurance in Pune?

    No, driving without car insurance in Pune or anywhere in India is illegal as per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. 

  • ✔️Which is the best car insurance in Pune I can buy?

    You should look up all the car insurance plans available in Pune online and check out the reviews and ratings for each insurer, then decide which plan to buy. 

  • ✔️What is the cost of vehicle insurance in Pune?

    Different insurance companies will have different car insurance price in Pune. The costs will also differ based on the amount of coverage you choose to buy. Use the car insurance premium calculator to get an estimate. 

  • ✔️What is the fine for driving without car insurance in Pune?

    For the first instance of driving without insurance, you will have to pay ₹2,000 in fine and for each subsequent offence, you will have to pay ₹4,000. 

  • ✔️Is it safe to buy car insurance online?

    Yes, it is completely safe to buy insurance online as long as you buy it from reputed companies or aggregators like Bajaj MARKETS. 

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